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Member since: Dec 21 2008, 6:12 AM EST
Slogan: So I guess this means I'm out of the book club
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home - LOST<-----(yes that's me)
Hello, my name is Dihoos----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

home - LOST


Occupation:Account Executive
Home town:Anywhere
:Southern NJ
Astrological sign:ARIES

I joined this wiki because:I have an unhealthy obsession with LOST

The best word to describe me is: Doer

Favorite movies:The first two Godfathers, 300, Donnie Darko, The new (Christian Bail) Batmans, The Goonies, The Mexican, The original Star Wars trilogy (the new ones suck balls), True Romance, The Bond Films (Featuring Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig.)

Favorite TV shows:LOST

My Hero's

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Zakk Wylde
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Jimmy Page
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Jimi Hendrix
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Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Randy Rhoads
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