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hello, i joined this sight because i really enjoy the show lost. i like to hear different stories on all the plots. im amazed by the twists and turns. normally i get lost in a half hour sitcom, but i cant wait for each new episode. ive never done a blog or a wiki---so it might take some time. i enjoy sports, photography and movies, also my kids and 70's music. my favorite lost cast members are claire, kate and hurley. thanks thats all for now. mike

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i think the helicopter group is after drug smugglers, from when the religious man (cant remember his name) crashed on the island. he had that stick that he carved stuff in. there must be a shipping lane close by 'cause the minute the distress signal was disabled they were right there to respond to the radio signal. did you notice they did not respond---us coast guard or austrailian rescue boat---they werent very proffesional.
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