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Episode Title: "Solitary"

1.09 "Solitary" - LOST
Episode Number: 9

Production Number: 108

Air Date: 11/17/04

Press release: Sayid's life is in danger after he discovers the source of the mysterious French transmission. Hurley concocts a funny plan to bring civility to the island.

1.09 "Solitary" - - Official LOST wikiOn island: Back at the camp, Jack is tending to Sawyer's wounds that Sayid inflicted upon him. Sawyer tells Jack that the only reason that he is helping him is because he felt guilty because he stood by and watched that Arab torture him. Jack replies that the only reason he's there helping him is because nobody else wants anything to do with him. Sawyer says "she does" (meaning Kate). Jack tells him to change his own bandages and walks away. He finds Kate looking around by the ocean and asks her what she's doing. Kate tells Jack that Sayid has been gone for two days now and she keeps looking around waiting for him to show up. Jack tells her that Sayid will come back when he is ready and not to worry because hehe's probably just looking for something like the French transmittiontransmission. andJack thatsaid he is a trained soldier and can take care of himself. Kate tells Jack that he's not looking for anyone and that Sayid left because of what he did to Sawyer. Jack tells Kate that it was just an accident and accident. Kate repliessays "accidents happen when you torture people, Jack."

1.09 "Solitary" - LOSTSayid is sitting on the beach looking at a picture of Nadia and what she wrote on the back of it, he looks away sad and sees a cable wire and follows it into the jungle. He follows this path in the jungle when he gets caught in a trap and is hanging upside down. Sayid calls out "hello". Danielle cuts the net with a knife and he falls to the ground. Sayid wakes up with a bright white ligtht bulb over his head and is tied down to a bed, he keeps hearing voices of people and this woman asking him in different languages "who is Alex, where is Alex?" Sayid, confused, asks this woman who she is and tells her that he doesdoesn't know any Alex. Danielle begins to torture him and Sayid cries out for her to stop. While Sayid is being tortured, Sayid begs her to listen to him and tells her that he is a survivor of a plane crash and he followed this wire on the beach and thought it might have something to do with a transmission that he picked up on a receiver, a recording of a French woman repeating on a loop for 16 years. Danielle tells Sayid she couldn't can't believe it has been 16 years. She doesn't believe that Sayid just happened to hear her distress call. Danielle tells him that she knows who he is and hits him in the face which knocks him out.

When he wakes up, he sees her looking through his things, he looks over and sees on a jacket her last name, Rousseau, she asks how he knows her name and she calls him Sayid and asks him who this picture is of with his name on the envelope that he carries. He tells her that the woman's name is Nadia. Sayid asks her who Alex is and refers to Alex as a boy. She still thinks he is an Other and Sayid keeps trying to convince her that he is not one of these Others, she thinks Sayid heard her on the transmission and came looking for her for answers, he tells her that she didn't know she was alive. Danielle still calls him a liar. Danielle asks Sayid if there are other plane survivors, why was he alone? Sayid tells her he left because he was ashamed of something he did. Danielle asks him if Nadia was on the plane and Sayid said that she wasn't on the plane and that she died because of him.

1.09 "Solitary" - LOSTThis is when Danielle starts to believe Sayid. She touches his face telling him that she is so sorry. Danielle stands up and tells him she wants to show him something. She comes back with a music box and it has been broken for along time, it was a gift from her love for their anniversary. Sayid says "you mean Alex." She replies "Robert," and it was a comfort to her for the first few years." Sayid tells her that that he could fix it for her but he needs his hands free. She gets up and starts sharpening a needle and Sayid wonders what she is doing. Danielle asks him what was written on the back of his photo and suggests that maybe he doesn't want to tell her because it causes too much pain, right after that she injects him with the needle which knocks him out. When Sayid wakes up, he's sitting up with his hands free in front of the music box for him for him to fix. Danielle apologizes for the sedative, at that time, Sayid glances over at what looks like a map of the island. She asks him why he would fix this for her after she tortured him. Sayid replies that if he fixes her music box than he wants to know her name and how she came upon this island. She tells Sayid her name is Danielle.

1.09 "Solitary" - LOSTShe explains that she was part of a science team and that Robert was with her, when he questions Alex, she does not respond but continues to speak about how thetheir ship slammed into rocks on the island beyond repair so they began to make camp and shelter. They survived for almost 2 months, but when they were coming back from the Black Rock she told him this is when theyher team became sick, from them, the carriers. Sayid wants to know who are the carriers. Danielle explains,says," the Others, they whisper.whisper." Sayid sayssays" what othersothers?" andHe askedasks her if she ever saw any of these people from The Black Rock, she replies "no , they whisper", at this time Sayid feels sorry for her and looks at her with pity. Danielle sees the look on his face and tells Sayid that he thinks she's insane. Sayid just thinks she is lonely. Sayid fixes her music box and tells her that some things can be fixed. Danielle is very grateful, this is when Sayid asks her to please let her go. She says no, then there is noise outside and Danielle goes outside to see what it is. She tells Sayid that she hopes it's just a bear. Sayid says "maybe it's the monster." Danielle tells Sayid there is no such thing as monsters. While she is gone Sayid escapes and takes one of her rifles and Danielle's map of the island with him.

They meet up in the jungle and have a stand off. Sayid tells Danielle to put the gun down. Sayid warns her againn,again, she doesn't put the gun down Sayid fires a shot from his gun but Danielle knew it wouldn't work, she rigggedremoved the firing pin from the gun just like she did to Robert's gun. Sayid didn't understand this because she loved Robert. Danielle explained that he was sick and she had to kill him. Sayid tells Daniel that he is not sick, Danielle agrees but tell him she needs him. Sayid reveals what was written on the back of the photo that Nadia will find me in the next life, if not this one. This is when Sayid tells Danielle what it is like to hold onto someone. Sayid explains that the only way off this place is to go back, he asks Danielleher to come with him and that she doesn't have to be alone. Danielle walks away but also warns him about his people who he crashed with, she told him tosays watch"watch them, watch them closely.closely." As Danielle walks away, Sayid asks her who Alex is, she tells him that Alex was her child. Sayid heads back to camp, as he goes through the jungle, he starts to hear whispers, he looks around and than he keeps turning around to see if anything or anyone will appear. The noise of the whispers don't stop and Sayid starts to run.

1.09 "Solitary" - LOSTBack at camp, people are stressed out. Jack, being a doctor is running out of patience when they come to him for common ailments like hives. Jack tells Hurley he has better things to do than take care of hypochondriacs and that things could be worse. Hurley disagrees and tells Jack that they are all tense and need something to do to relax and keep their mind off things. Locke and his new hunting companion, Ethan give Hurley some luggage that they found in the jungle. Hurley says he will look through them to see if there is anything useful. Inside one of the bags, Hurley finds golf clubs which gives him an idea to build a golf course. He first shows the golf course to Charlie, Jack and Michael. Jack can't believe Hurley built a golf course. Michael tells him that with all the stuff they have to deal with he can't believe that this is what he's been wasting his time on. Hurley tells them that their lives suck and that they are lost on an island, running from boars, monsters and polar bears. Hurley tells them that if they are going to be stuck there, they need some kind of relief and just have fun or everyone is just going to go crazy just waiting for bad things to happen. Hurley was right, it did lift their spirits. Michael was so distracted, he left Walt alone at the cave, he tells him he's sorry and asked Walt if he wants to play. Walt feels ignored by his dad and walks away.

1.09 "Solitary" - LOSTFlashback : Sayid's past is a stark contrast to his current reality on the island. In his flashback, Sayid works for the Iraqi Republican Guard as a communicationsCommunications officer.officer, Hehe tortures people. After interrogatingSayid interrogates and torturingtortures someone, Sayid Superior Officer ,Omar, Omaris impressed and informs Sayid that he handles himself very well and that he is going tohe's reassignreassigning him in Intelligence Division. Omar tells Sayid that there may be complications. Sayid replies that he is willing to make that sacrifice. In that moment heSayid notices a woman being held captive. Sayid meets with her and realized she is is childhood friend Nadia. Sayid has orders to interrogate and torture her for information, instead he was having meetings alone with her and they would share stories and he would also bring her food. When Nadia wouldn't talk, Sayid was ordered to execute her. Instead, he helped her escape by killing his Commanding Officer and shooting himself in the leg to make it look like Nadia escaped. He gave her instructions on what to do after she left . Nadia asked him to come with her but Sayid refused and said he did not have her courage. He gave her his gun and made her go. When she left, he sat down and looked at what she wrote on the back of the photo of her. After this, Sayid left the Iraqi Republican Guard on a search for Nadia.

  • When Sayid is hanging upside down from the trap, he's praying a Muslim prayer in Arabic that is often said right before death to enter
  • paradise and to not be tortured in the afterlife.
  • Sayid is asked who and where is Alex? It sounds like this question is asked 23 times.
  • He is also asked this question about Alex in French, Spanish, English, German and Italian.
  • In later episodes we see that Sayid has been to all these places expect Italy that speak these languages.
  • In Sayid's flashback, Nadia tells Sayid that nobody calls her by her real name, Noor Abez-Jazeem and that he of all people should know that.
  • The name Noor in Arabic means light.
  • Nadia's name really being Noor is interesting because Noor in Arabic means light. She either changed her name because she was considered a
  • trader by her people and they didn't consider her to be light. She also knew they were wrong and she was the one who was courageous and good.
OMG Moment:
  • After his escape from Danielle, he hears the voices of the Others whispering in the jungle.
Questions and clues:Questions:
  • Are the Others real?
    • Yes.yes
  • Is Danielle crazy or is her story true? Ifif it is true, where is Alex now?
    • Her story is true, and Alex is with the Others.Others.