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Episode Title: "Hearts and Minds"

Episode Number: 13

Production Number: 112

Air Date: 1/12/05

1.13 "Hearts and Minds" - - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: When the romance between Sayid and Shannon heats up, her jealous brother, Boone, warns Sayid to back off. Boone and Locke agree to keep the hatch a secret but decide to figure out how to open it.

Flashback: In a flashback, we see how easily Shannon can manipulate Boone, who we learn is really a step-brother.

OMG Moment: Boone freaks out when he hallucinates about the death of his sister, and tries to kill Locke. Locke knows something about the power of the island, however, and tells Boone that the island saved his life.

Questions and clues: What does Locke know?

Previous Episode: "Whatever the Case May Be"
Next Episode: "Special"
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