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Episode Title: "The Greater Good (a.k.a. Sides)"

Episode Number: 21

Production Number: 120

Air Date: 5/4/05

1.21 "The Greater Good" - - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: A lot of conflict arises from Boone's death. While Jack suffers from exhaustion after unsuccessfully trying to save Boone's life, Shannon blames Locke and she asks Sayid to get to the bottom of it. Sayid questions Locke, but Locke manages to keep the hatch a secret. When Sayid suggests to Shannon that Locke did not intend for Boone to get hurt, Shannon steals a gun and narrowly misses killing Locke herself.

Flashback: Sayid was an informant for the CIA and was forced to betray an old friend and track down the woman he helped escape from prison years before.

OMG Moment:

Interesting Concepts
  • Sayid would not have been on Oceanic 815 if he had not insisted in changing the flight so he could bury his friend rather then leave that day and have his friend be cremated.

Questions and clues:

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