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The Timer at 4 MinutesThe number 4 is the first number in the numbers sequence. Below is a list of the appearances in chronological order by episode, and the number 4 in real life.

In Lost:

Season 1:

"Pilot: Part 1"-
  • The Plane crash was September 22, 2004.
  • Jack had 4 scratches on his face.

  • Locke was in the wheelchair for 4 years

"White Rabbit"-
  • Sawyer made his "birthday wish" 4 years ago.

"The Moth"-
  • There are 4 people in the band Drive Shaft.
  • Michael said he needs 4 people to help save Jack at the cave-in.

"Confidence Man"-
  • Shannon had 4 refiles of inhalers for her asthma.

"Raised By Another"-

"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"-
  • Boone's Japanese t-shirt reads the number 84.
  • Walt blows on the dice in backgammon 4 times.

"Whatever the Case May Be"-
  • There were 4 guns in the marshal's suitcase.

"Hearts and Minds"-
  • In Locke's story, he says Michaelangelo stared at the marble for 4 months. Boone replies by saying "We're not going to be staring at the hatch for 4 months?"
  • Locke ties up Boone 4 miles away from camp.

  • The nurse treating Michael has 4 kids.

  • Locke set up 4 traps to capture Ethan.
  • When looking for Ethan, Locke says to take a break. Jack replies by saying "I's got to be almost 4 o'clock."

  • Hurley says to Sayid that Charlie shot Ethan 4 times (it was actually 6 times).
  • The number 4 is on a jersey of a rugby player on TV.

"Numbers"- Connect Four
  • Hurley filled 4 water bottles.
  • Hurley's grandfather had a pacemaker put in 4 years ago.
  • Leonard Sims was playing Connect 4.
  • Sam Toomey died 4 years ago.

"Deus Ex Machina"-
  • Boone says "Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs" 4 times.
  • Locke bangs on the hatch 4 times before the light turns on.

"Do No Harm"-
  • Only 4 survivors knew their blood type.
  • Sarah is wearing a shirt with the number 44.

"The Greater Good"-
  • Essam Tasir was going to use C4 in the suicide bombing.

"Exodus: Part 1"-
  • The Raft Arzt says the next time the raft can be launched is in 4 months.
  • 4 people are on the raft.

"Exodus: Part 2"-
  • 4 people went to get the dynamite.
  • There were 4 Others on the boat that kidnapped Walt.

Season 2:

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"-
  • Kate counts to 4 before asking Locke to stop.

  • When the countdown reaches to 4 minutes, the alarm sounds, and the code can be entered.

  • 4 sticks are needed to build a stretcher for Sawyer.

"The Other 48 Days"-
  • Libby says "Donald will be the 4th to go".

  • Only 4 people from the tail section made it.
  • Ana-Lucia went back to work 4 months after the shooting.

"What Kate Did"-
  • Sam Austen was in Korea 4 months before Kate's birth.

"Maternity Leave"-
  • There was 4 planes on the plane mobile.


  • Bernard had only 4 people left to help with the sign.

"Two for the Road"-

  • A system failure occurred September 22 at 4:16 PM.

"Three minutes"-
  • There were 4 people on the list.

"Live Together, Die Alone"-The Four-Toed Statue
  • Libby gives Desmond 4 dollars for coffee.
  • There were 4 toes on the statue.

Season 3:

"A Tale of Two Cities"-
  • The locker where Kate's clothes were was at 841.

"Further Instructions"-
  • Eddie Colburn's ID was 84023.

"Every Man For Himself"-
  • Sawyer's prisoner ID was 840.
  • Munson's ID was 248.
  • A sign at the Hydra reads Area OP-04.

"The Cost Of Living"-

"I Do"-
  • Suzanne has 4 boys.

"Not In Portland"-

"Flashes Before Your Eyes"-
  • 4 chimes are heard while Desmond looks at the ring.

"Exposé"-Season 4 of ExposĂ©
  • Nikki has a role in the 4th season of Exposé.

"Left Behind"-
  • Juliet has dislocated her shoulder 4 times.
  • Kate's license plate is 40N DNB.
  • The gas station in Iowa sold gas for $1.74.
  • The Smoke Monster flashed 4 times.

"One of Us"-
  • Ben's spine tumor was on his L4 vertebra.

"Greatest Hits"-
  • Charlie can hold his breath for 4 minutes.

Season 4:

"The Beginning of the End"-
  • There are 4 cars involved in the car chase.
  • Hurley Plays Connect 4 with another patient at Santa Rosa.

"Confirmed Dead"-
  • There are 4 people from the freighter that arrive on the Island.

  • Diane says that for the past 4 years, the doctors have said she has 6 months to live.
  • Kate was offered to spend 4 years in prison, which she declines to take.

"The Constant"-

In Real Life:
  • 4 is a very unlucky number and is associated with death in Asia.
  • The central tenets of Buddhism are called the 4 Noble Truths.
  • Humans experience life in 4 dimensions: length, width, height, and time.

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