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Ben Holding Bunny Number 8The number 8 is the second number in the numbers sequence. Below is a list of the appearances of this number in chronological order by episode, and the number 8 in real life.

In Lost:

Season 1:

"Pilot: Part 1"-

"Tabula Rasa"-
  • Ray Mulen's wife died 8 months before he met Kate.

  • Locke asked Helen to go to Australia after talking to her on the phone for 8 months.

"House of the Rising Sun"-
  • Charlie was without his guitar for 8 days.

"The Moth"-
  • Driveshaft was going on a tour for 8 months.
  • Michael worked in construction for 8 years.

"Confidence Man"-
  • Sawyer was 8 years old when his parents died.


"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"-
  • Kate and her father spent 8 hours in the woods tracking deer.
  • Jack pounds on Charlie's chest 8 times before he starts breathing again.
  • Boone's shirt says the number 84 in Japanese.



"...In Translation"-
  • Jin is told to drive 8 kilometers.

  • Hurley was interview by a person from news station KSVU-8.
  • The Mega Lotto Jackpot logo has an 8 in it.
  • 8 people died in a shoe factory fire owned by Hurley.

"Do No Harm"-
  • Shannon was 8 when her dad married Boone's mom.
  • Jack's best man says he should have 8 beers before giving his speech.

"The Greater Good"-
  • There were 8 people praying at the second row at the Mosque.

"Exodus: Part 2"-
  • The old man Hurley bought the scooter from was wearing a hat with the number 8.
  • Hurley runs by a soccer player with the number 8 or their jersey.

Season 2:

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"-The 8 Sided Dharma Logo
  • The Dharma logo has 8 sides.
  • Sarah was to get married in 8 months before the car accident.
  • The number 8 appears on the heart rate monitor.

  • Michael tells Ana-Lucia that 8 people have died in the mid-section at this point.

"Everybody Hates Hugo"-
  • A pump at the gas station had the number 8 on it.
  • Randy accused Hurley of stealing an 8 piece Mr. Cluck's chicken pack.

  • The deck that collapsed involving Hurley was supposed to hold 8 people, but had 23 people on it.


"Live Together, Die Alone"-
  • Desmond worked for the boat race for 8 months.
  • The zip-code of the military prison was CO8 5WE.

Season 3:

"A Tale of Two Cities"-
  • The locker were Kate's clothes were at was 841.

"Further Int ructions"-
  • Eddie Colburn's ID was 84023.

"Every Man For Himself"-
  • Sawyer's prison ID was 840.
  • Munson's prison ID was 248.
  • Ben had a bunny with the number 8 painted on it.

"The Cost of Living"-
  • Mr. Eko's stick had the number 8 on it.

"I Do"-
  • Ben's operation was at OP-08.

"Stranger in a Strange Land"-Juliet's Mark
  • Juliet's mark was a 8 sided shape.

"Tricia Tanaka is Dead"-
  • Tricia Tanaka works for Action 8 News.

"Par Avion"-
  • The last digit on the odometer in Claire's car was 8.

"The Man From Tallahassee"-

  • Nikki and Paulo steal 8 million dollars worth of diamonds.
  • The bite from the Medusa Spider causes the victim to be paralyzed for 8 hours.

"Through the Looking Glass"-
  • Jack watches Action 8 news which was about the car crash.
  • Mrs. Arlen's son is 8 years old.

Season 4:

"The Beginning of the End"-
  • The car chase is being reported by Action 8 news.
  • There are 8 dots on the ladybug in Santa Rosa behind Abaddon.

"Confirmed Dead"-


"The Constant"-

In Real Life:

  • In Buddhism, one of the Four Noble Truths is the Eightfold Path.
  • The number 8 is a very lucky number in Asia, and many skyscrapers there have 8 sections.
    • 8/8/08 is considered to be one of the luckiest days of the century; to commemorate this, the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony will be on this day.

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