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Across the SeaWe're almost at the end of one of the most fascinating (and confounding!) shows on television. This episode mainly takes place in the past and reveals how Jacob and the Man in Black came to be on the island. At the beginning, a pregnant woman named Claudia washes up onto the shore. A woman finds her and they speak Latin to each other.
This mystery woman assists Claudia in childbirth. The first baby is a boy who is named Jacob. Much to the surprise of both women, a second baby is born. This will be the Man in Black. After the birth, the strange woman murders Claudia and raises the fraternal twins as her own. She teaches them to be wary of the world outside the island, particularly other people.

When the twins are 13, they discover other people on the island. Their adoptive mother then shows them a tunnel with an underground stream. She tells them that in the future, one of them will be its caretaker and that she has arranged things to where neither boy would ever have to kill each other.
The young Man in Black then sees his mother Claudia, appearing to him from beyond the grave. She tells him that she is his real mother and that she wasn't the only one to wash up on the shore 13 years ago. That is who the other people on the island are. The Man in Black confronts his murderous foster mother about this and tries to convince his brother to go to the other people on the island with him. Jacob refuses to leave and stays with "Mother."
For the next few decades, the Man in Black stays at the camp with the other island people. He thinks he has found a way to leave the island. He and the others have made a giant wheel that can dig into the mysterious tunnel and use its energy to transport them to another place. When "Mother" learns about this, she knocks the Man in Black unconscious and kills everyone else in the camp.
Then, she takes Jacob back to the strange tunnel and tells him that he is now its caretaker. It is the heart of the island. However, Jacob is warned that he can never go into it or he will suffer something worst than death. "Mother" then gives Jacob some wine and he is appointed leader of the island.
After the Man in Black discovers what "Mother" has done, he kills her. Jacob is upset by this and attacks the Man in Black, throwing him into the tunnel. After being sucked into the mystery tunnel, the Man in Black comes out as the Smoke Monster. Jacob later finds the Man in Black's physical body and puts it next to "Mother" in a cave, along with stones they played with as a child.
Next, we are finally back in today's time on the island. Both the corpses and stones are found by Jack and Kate.

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