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The smoke monster, the illusions, the mind warps ...who can do this, Aliens. (lol.)

With an ability for time travel, the aliens are affiliated with Ben and Charlie (the 'others' and 'boat' people), traveling back and forth through time. Dhama Project (Dhama is teacher). The project is designed to 'teach' mankind lessons they need to learn.
However, there are 'good' and 'bad' intentions in this project. Thus 'Ben' 'Charlie' and 'others' all have different views, perhaps some are human and some are aliens?

The aliens can no longer support life on their planet and need a habitable planet, concerned with 'child-bearing' on the island and how a 'man' can have a baby. Perhaps this is the only option they have, living here in this island? An island with magnetic and seemingly amazing abilities, because the magnetic fields in accord with the alien technology is able to produce such effects? In addition needing to teach humanity lessons of somekind?

These characters on the plane were needed, each for their different abilities to offer this project. Thus strategicaly picked and brought there.

Jacob is a leader in the alien dhama project?