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(The Actress: Julie Adams)

Episode Appearances: "A Tale of Two Cities", "The Envelope"

Occupation: A member of the Others

Hails from: Unknown

Who she is now: Amelia was first seen at the book club, which was held at Juliet's house in the Barracks. She arrived early, and sees Ethan working on the plumbing. She notices Juliet seems upset about something, and asks her what is wrong. Juliet asks to keep what she is going to show a secret from everyone else. She pulls out an envelope, with Ben's x-rays of his spine, but the doorbell rings before she shows it to her. During the book club meeting, Juliet and Adam over the book choice. The house shakes, and they exit the house, and see Flight 815 crashing.

Big secrets:

    • She is Amelia Earhart, and aviator who vanished over the Pacific Ocean around 70 years ago. The Island is able to make her age slowly. In Chapter 2 of Find 815, a news report of her disappearance is heard.

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