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Bea Klugh
Beatrice Klugh

(The Actress: April Grace)

Flashback Episode: Seen in Michael's flashbacks in "Three Minutes"

Occupation: A member of the Others.

Hails from: Unknown.

Who she is: Bea Klugh, also known as Ms. Klugh, interrogated Michael after he was captured. She asked questions about Walt, including "Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be?" This could refer to Walt appearing in the jungle, as seen by Shannon and Sayid. After a week, Michael demanded to see his son. She finally agreed, and gave them three minutes to talk. When they were reunited, Walt started to say that the Others are pretending, and they are not who they say they are. Bea said that if he talks about that, he will be sent back to the room. Walt was taken away, and Bea gave Michael a list. She said to release the man being held prisoner, and bring back the four people on the list: Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, James Ford, and Hugo Reyes.

Michael led the four people from the list to the Others, and they were captured. They were brought to the Pala Ferry. Bea revealed the name of Mr. Friendly, Tom, and he said "Thanks for telling my name, Bea."

Bea being held hostageAt the Flame, Kate and Sayid went to the basement to see if any more Others were there. Bea attacked Kate, and after a fight, Bea had the upper hand. Sayid came, and captured Bea at gunpoint. Kate recognized her as one of the Others at the Pala Ferry. She was taken outside, where Mikhail had Locke hostage. Bea and Mikhail started talking in Russian. Bea then shouts in English "Just do it Mikhail!", and Mikhail points his gun at her, and kills her.

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