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Bernard Bernard Nadler

Played by: Sam Timothy Anderson
Flashback Episodes: "S.O.S."

Before the Crash

Bernard was a dentist before he met his wife, Rose, whom he married after dating for only 5 months. Prior to courting Rose,Rose, he was possibly involved with the pilot of Flight 815's815's mother, who left him on the advice of a psychic (this is from a deleted scene between the pilot and Claire that appeared on the Season One DVD and may or may not be canon). Rose then told Bernard that she had a terminal disease, and only had 1 year to live. Bernard then took Rose to Australia on their honeymoon where she saw the healer Isaac of Uluru. Bernard believed she was cured, but she was lying to him to make him feel better. Bernard was in the bathroom during the crash, and so wound up in the tail section of the plane, and therefore on the other side of the island until "Everybody Hates Hugo."

On the Island

After the crash, Bernard wound up in a tree, strapped to a chair. Goodwin found him, and Ana Lucia helped him get down. Bernard became one of the last tail section survivors, and stayed in the Arrow station with the other survivors. He later found a working radio through which he communicated with Boone, who was on the Nigerian drug-running plane at the time.time. When they met up with the other survivors, Bernard was reunited with his wife Rose. They got along mostly well, getting into a few arguments such as when Bernard forgot Rose'sRose's birthday or when Bernard decided to build a huge SOS sign on the beach. Bernard saved Claire and Aaron at the end of the second season finale. After the implosion at the hatch,hatch, a huge white/violet light went off. We could see something metal coming down from the sky, the door to the hatch.hatch. It was coming down and would have hit Claire if Bernard hadn't intervened.
In the Season 3 finale he volunteers to be one of the 3 who stay behind to ambush the others with dynamite, since he is apparently a great shot.

Status: On island, in the safest group.

The Actor: Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson has made a career out of making bit parts on television series' his own. Because of this, he's become a "that guy," as in "Hey, it's that guy from that thing." Those things include ER (Dr. Kayson), Angel (evil lawyer Holland Manners), and Growing Pains (Principal Dewitt).

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