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Bonnie(The Actress: Tracey Middendorf)

Episode Appearances: "Greatest Hits", "Through the Looking Glass"

Occupation: Member of the Others, working in the Looking Glass.

Hails from: Unknown.

Who she is now: When Charlie arrived, Bonnie, along with Greta, held him at gunpoint, and tied him up. She tried to get information as to how he knew about the Looking Glass, and how he got there. She was going to get the spear gun out (where Desmond was hiding), but Mikhail arrived. Mikhail thought that they was on assignment in Canada, but she reveals that they are protecting the station to keep the jamming equipment operating. Ben, worried that Bonnie and Greta would reveal this information, ordered Mikhail to kill them. Mikhail shot and killed Greta, and Bonnie tried to run away, but was also shot. Bonnie was able to give Charlie the code to stop the jamming, to get revenge on Ben, just before she passed away.

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