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Paulina was traumatized by her father who was a washed up tennis champ who pushed her to always play tennis 24/7. Her father was mean, rude, and never let her rest. He was mean to her, and barely let her get any sleep. He was never married, and had a one night stand with her mother, who is a heroin addict. Paulina thinks he must have some heart for wanting to take care of her, but still cannot overlook his cold hearted ways. She decides to hire someone to "get rid" of him, but soon regrets it. She decides that she cannot face anyone she knows or loves and move out of country to Australia, in hope of possibly finding her father in spirit. At this point she is insane due to the mistake of having her father being killed, she is ashamed. She finds a man in Australia and they soon move in a apartment together. She later reveals that she believes he is her father in spirit (reincarnation possibly) and he calls her crazy and makes her get out. She tries hugging him but he refuses (at this point they're outside in a parking lot) and he pushes her away, but she tries to hold on. She accidently pushes him to the ground, where his head is knocked on a parking stop, and he is dead. She knows she must run away and leave him behind, at this point she has lost it. She is later found and captured and taken to a mental institution. Things go on in there, and then she eventually gets enough connections to get a plan to get out of the place and break free. She decides to take a nurse hostage in a file room in a not so crowded area, and she makes the nurse give her keys, etc. Paulina (after managing to get a lighter and a small pint of gasoline from someone, unknown how exactly) she lights the place on fire, and walks out, leaving the unconcious nurse for dead. She walks slowly away from the room and by the time people notice that a large amount of the floor is on fire (the 3rd floor out of 5) it is too late to save all the other patients, then things start colapasing, and other floors are catching on fire. At this time she is on the first floor, and everyone is too busy to pay attention to patients escaping, etc. On the way out, she notices a woman with a suitcase and wallet lying dead on the floor after rubble fell on her. In it was a drivers license, etc. She also found a passport. She runs out, and escapes the horrid mental institution. She later uses the passport and places her face on it, and makes her way to Las Angelos, not knowing what she will do next.

On Island:
Description coming soon!

This is a bad summarization of her flashbacks, I will go into more detail with time.

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