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Many cons have happened off the island. These are all the cons that have happened off the island.

Season 1:

"Whatever the Case May Be"-

Kate and her partners robbed a bank. Kate was disguised as a customer at the bank while the other people robbed it. When Kate was taken to another room, she gets the key for safety deposit box 815. Kate betrays the other robbers by shooting them.


Charlie cons Lucy in order to retrieve money for heroin. He befriends Lucy because he knew that she was rich. While he was in her house, he finds a cigarette case which Lucy says belonged to Winston Churchill. His plan backfires when he tries to sell a photocopier. He throws up in the photocopier and then faints. The EMT found the case in his jacket, and is returned to Lucy. Charlie goes to Lucy to explain, but she doesn't want to hear about it.

"Deus Ex Machina"-

After Locke discovers his father, Anthony Cooper, he finds out that his father is in need of a kidney. Locke decides to give his own kidney to him through a transplant. After the surgery, Cooper is nowhere to be seen. Cooper had only befriended him to get his kidney.

Season 2:

"The Long Con"-

Sawyer, along with Cassidy, is selling fake jewelery at a gas station. They con two men to buy the jewelry. Later, Sawyer finds out that Cassidy has $600,000. He plans a con against her to get the money. When Sawyer comes home to Cassidy, he points out that there is a black car outside, and if the man in the car doesn't get the money, they will both be killed. He tells Cassidy to run away to a motel with the money, and he will see her there. She leaves, and Sawyer goes to the car. After waiting a while, he goes back inside to get a bag, which has the money in it.


Anthony Cooper faked his death so he didn't have to pay $700,000. He asked Locke to retrieve the money, and he could keep $200,000. Locke goes to the motel where he is waiting, but he refuses to take the money.

Season 3:

"Further Instructions"-

As Locke was driving down the road, he picks up a hitchhiker, Eddie. They live on the commune for 6 weeks until two other people living there discover he is actually an undercover police officer. Locke found this out, and took him out hunting with the intent of killing him. Eddie confessed to being a police officer, and said that Locke wouldn't kill him. He walks away, and Locke did not kill him.

"I Do"-

Kate, under the name of Monica, marries a police officer named Kevin. She later drugs him and runs away.

"The Man From Tallahassee"-

Anthony Cooper, under the name of Adam Seward, attempted to marry Mrs. Talbot to get her money. Peter, Mrs. Talbot's son, told Locke what was happening. Locke found Cooper and told him to cancel the wedding. When Locke went to the apartment after, he found out Peter mysteriously died. He goes to the phone to call Mrs. Talbot, when suddenly Cooper pushes Locke out of the 8 story window.


Nikki was at the house of the producer of Exposé, Howard Zukerman, for lunch. Paulo was the chef for him, and poisoned him. Paulo turns out to be Nikki's boyfriend. They murdered Howard to get $8 million worth of diamonds. Later on the island, their greed of the diamonds led to their deaths.

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