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Danny Pickett
Danny Pickett

(The Actor: Michael Bowen)

Episode Appearances: "Three Minutes", "Live Together, Die Alone", "The Glass Ballerina", "The Cost of Living", "I Do", "Not in Portland"

Occupation: Member of the Others.

Hails from: Unknown.

Who he is: Danny Pickett is an Other who is married to Colleen Pickett. When Michael went searching for his son, Pickett distracted him, giving Tom the opportunity to capture him. Michael attempted to escape, but Tom subduded him with a slingshot.

Pickett attacks SawyerPickett was present at the Pala Ferry when Michael exchanged Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley for Walt and his way off the Island.

Colleen and Danny met by the cages at the Hydra where Sawyer and Kate were being held. She said she was going on a mission, and Danny told her to be careful. They kissed, and parted. Danny took Kate and Sawyer to the quarry to break rocks. While they were at the quarry, Danny always abused Sawyer and Kate, often tasering Sawyer when he showed affection towards Kate.

After discovering what happened to his wife, Pickett immediately went to the observation room in the operating room. After all attempts to revive her failed, Pickett released his grief and anger on Sawyer. Later, Danny attended Colleen's funeral, where he cried as the coffin was lit and sailed into the ocean.

Later, Pickett took Kate out of her cage to work in the quarry. She insisted that Sawyer joined her, so they both went. Alex attacked the quarry, knocking out several Others before Pickett managed to repress her. Alex asked to speak to Ben as she was taken away.

Later, when Kate and Sawyer were taken back to their cages, Pickett threatened to kill Sawyer. When Jack began surgery on Ben, Pickett left the room, and headed for the cages. Pickett said to Jason that Ben put his life in Jack's hands, who is not on Jacob's list. He dragged Sawyer out of his cage, and pointed a gun to his head, about to execute him, despite Kate's pleas not to. Suddenly, Tom called on the radio, saying that Ben is in trouble, and Kate must have the radio or else Ben will die. He gives it to her, and Jack talks to her. He says that she and Sawyer must run back to the camp. At this point, he did not realize that they were on a different island. Kate and Sawyer beat up Pickett and Jason, and lock the up in the cage.

Pickett is killedAfter they gain consciousness, they start hunting for them. They catch site of them, and start shooting at them. Alex hides them in her hiding place, and the Others lose their trail. He later finds Aldo at Room 23, who says that they escaped with Karl. Juliet told Pickett to let them go, but he disobeys her orders, and searches for them. He finds them on the beach, about to leave on the Outrigger.He is about to shoot at Sawyer when Juliet appears. As he turns around to see her, she shoots him twice, killing him.


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