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The island has a strange magnetic power that makes it invisible to radar and other modern tracking devices and draws vessels towards it. The island has always drawn ships, planes, hot air balloons to it, one of the first peoples to be drawn to the island was a Viking longboat, over the years pirates, slaves, soldiers and other travellers have found themselves shipwrecked on the island. And any "incomers" that have landed on the island has influenced the islands community, eg. the "Viking Funeral".

Like any established community the island inhabitants are wary of any new people who find themselves “lost” on the island, throughout the centuries experience has told them that they should only invite the ‘right’ kind of people into their community. In the 1980’s when the Dharma initiative found the Island and discovered it’s unique “invisibility” it decided to use it as a laboratory installing the hatches, the inhabitants of the island hid themselves from the Dharma initiative, like they had always done with newcomers to their island. The Dharma initiative was eventually overthrown by the inhabitants and like they had done in the past chose some of the Dharma employees to join their community.

The Dharma initiative is now dead, the package of supplies that was dropped to the “losties” was actually “Dharma left-overs” dropped by the island inhabitants or, as we know them “the others”. Our “losties” are only going through what every other group of people that have landed on the island have went through….. A selection process to determine who are the “right people” to join the islands inhabitants long established community.

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Anonymous great theory 0 Mar 15 2007, 8:40 PM EDT by Anonymous
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this is a really smart theory - thanks. however, i do think that production and story-line-wise, it doesnt not match up. for your theory to be true, the focus would have to be directed onto the others to demonstrate their selection process and their reasons behind it; otherwise, our losties are not more significant than say, the scientific screw that rousseau was initially with, or desmond, or the ship that mr. eko's brother was in. it would really pull a lot of importance and focus from the main characters, which is something the producers would never do. i hope this all makes sense. what do you think?
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Thanks for adding a great page to the wiki! To keep it with other related topics, it's been moved under the section called Dharma Conspiracy, under Plot Theories. If you don't agree, leave a message on our profile page and we can move it somewhere else...
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