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The Cast of Season 2After the jaw-dropping ending of season one, who knew the show could get even more exciting? We meet other survivors (who've had a worse time of it than our Fusies), we find a well-stocked hatch (complete with button to push), we lost more survivors and finally meet the Others (although who exactly they are remains a mystery).

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Episode#--Air Date Episode Title Flashback
2.01--09/21/2005 Man of Science, Man of Faith Jack
2.02--09/28/2005 Adrift Michael
2.03--10/05/2005 Orientation Locke
2.04--10/12/2005 Everybody Hates Hugo Hurley
2.05--10/19/2005 ...And Found Jin & Sun
2.06--11/09/2005 Abandoned Boone & Shannon
2.07--11/16/2005 The Other 48 Days Tail Section (On Island)
2.08--11/23/2005 Collision Ana Lucia
2.09--11/30/2005 What Kate Did Kate
2.10--01/11/2006 The 23rd Psalm Mr. Eko
2.11--01/18/2006 The Hunting Party Jack
2.12--01/25/2006 Fire + Water Charlie
2.13--02/08/2006 The Long Con Sawyer
2.14--02/15/2006 One of Them Sayid
2.15--03/01/2006 Maternity Leave Claire
2.16--03/22/2006 The Whole Truth Jin & Sun
2.17--03/29/2006 Lockdown Locke
2.18--04/05/2006 Dave Hurley
2.19--04/12/2006 S.O.S. Bernard & Rose
2.20--05/03/2006 Two For the Road Ana Lucia
2.21--05/10/2006 ? Mr. Eko
2.22--05/17/2006 Three Minutes Michael (On Island)
*2.23--05/24/2006 Live Together, Die Alone Desmond

* = Two Hour Season Finale Episode

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