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Ethan - LOSTCharacters

Ethan Rom

The Character is portrayed by actor William Mapother.

Appears in Juliet's flashbacks in "Not in Portland" and "One Of Us".

Biography: Dr. Ethan Rom was the first of The Others to be introduced on the show. He had infiltrated the middle section survivors. Ethan seemed to have been Richard Alpert's second-hand man when hiring people into Mittelos Bioscience and he helped to hire Juliet. He's responsible for Claire's kidnapping and Charlie's near-death, and was later killed by Charlie. His position among the Others has been revealed as a surgeon, and may have been friendly to Juliet since he was fixing her plumbing.

Who He Is: Ethan Rom apparently was a surgeon working for Mittelos Bioscience who was partially responsible for recruiting Juliet to work with the others. After peacefully and anonymously living among the survivors after the crash, he kidnapped a pregnant Claire and returned her to the others. When he returned to the survivors to get Claire after she had escaped with Alex's help, Ethan was killed by an infuriated Charlie.

Hails From: When Hurley interviewed him in "Solitary", Ethan claimed he was from 'Ontario.' However, this may not be true, as we see in other episodes that he was working in the same building as Juliet.

Who He Was Before: Surgeon / OB Gyn

Who He Is Now: Although Ethan was killed in the first season, he has appeared in flashbacks in seasons two and three.

  • Was he born on the island like Ben Linus or was he recruited?
  • Why was he gentle and caring with Claire and peaceful with the survivors, but so frightening when he threatened Jack and Charlie?
    • Because Claire had a baby that the others want to examine to see if it was created before coming to the island. His true identity was discovered, therefore changing is attitude towards the survivors.

    Trivia: One possible anagram of Ethan Rom is OTHER MAN. If this has any importance we still are unsure.

    Speculation: Ethan is not dead and the island healed his gun wound. However, he is buried, so even if he came back to life, he would quickly suffocate and die again.

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