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The 1956 science fiction classic Forbidden Planet features a giant machine on a deserted planet which is capable of granting wishes. A scientist named Dr. Morbius, his daughter, and a robot are the only inhabitants of this world. A race of beings known as the Krell built the machine, but they have all disappeared. Morbius arrived on the planet years ago with an exploration ship. When an expedition from Earth arrives to investigate the fate of the first mission, Morbius does not tell them about the wish-fulfilling nature of the machine because of the dire consequences of this technology: It generates monsters from the unconcious mind. A monster from the machines kills members of the crew. There is also a romantic subplot in the film: The commander of the mission has romantic feelings for Altaira, the daughter of Morbius.

This film is based on The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. In The Tempest, a sorcerer named Prospero rules an uncharted island, where the only other residents are his daughter and a deformed monster named Caliban. When Prospero's former enemies sail on a ship near his island, Prospero raises a storm and runs the ship aground on the island.island. Throughout the play, Prospero uses his magic to manipulate the survivors. There is a also a romantic subplot between his daughter and one of the survivors.

Lost parallels both Forbidden Planet and The Tempest in several ways:
  • There is a sorcerer character who manipulates the other characters.characters. On Lost, Benjamin Linus rules, or seem to rule, The Others,Others, manipulating them and the survivors of Flight 815 with lies.
  • Like Dr. Morbius and his attempts to control the great Krell machine, Benjamin tries to control the wish-fulfilling powers of the island.island.
  • Ben tries to protect his daughter, Alex,Alex, from the romantic advances of Karl, as Morbius and Propero tried to protect their daughters.
  • On Lost, the island itself is also a character like Prospero. It causes nearby ships to be wrecked on it and baffles the survivors with its mysterious powers. It seems to judge the survivors, either rewarding them with its healing powers or killing them.
  • Like Forbidden Planet and The Tempest, there is a monster on the island in Lost. It is frightening and lethal, like the Forbidden Planet monster, not foolish and despicable like Caliban.

In Forbidden Planet, Morbius sacrifices himself to save his daughter. In The Tempest, Prospero reconciles with his former enemies and brings Miranda together with her lover. What might these conclusions foreshadow about the final ending of Lost?