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<Character Name>

George Minkowski

(Played by:Fisher Stevens

Flashback Episode<s>:Appears in the Desmond centric episode "The Constant"

TheWho he/she is: Actor:One of the individuals on the freighter, who has had <Actor'san Name,episodic event caused by exposure to electromagnetism or radiation, and linkgetting close to theirthe ownisland. page,Minkowski ifexperienced available>)Flashbackside Episode<s>:effects <Listsimilar Flashbackto EpisodeDesmond, here,and ifthen any,died withfrom links>Whothis he/shedeadly is:combination. He seemed to be flashing back to a ferris wheel, which gives an impression that he may have been younger.

Hails from: <WhereAs are theyof originallyyet, from?>unknown

Who he/she was before:

Who he/she is now:

Big secrets:

    Theories: Is he the person who wrecked the communications center of the ship?

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