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Essentially, the theory says that the Island is the manifestation of God on Earth.
This theory is very close to the Garden of Eden theory.
The Island is God, or, at least, what humans observe when they see God. The original Garden of Eden, the Island is a sacred focus point of God's influence, holding special power and exhibiting strange properties. These powers and properties are:
Manifestation of matter as a result of wish or need-Shows man's connection with God/nature

Supernatural Electromagnetic Anomaly - Massive amount of energy flowing through the island

Communication with the dead - God's dominion over life and death

Increased animal intelligence or awareness- The Garden of Eden was also where man gained his knowledge, and the snake in the Garden of Eden had the knowledge of speech

Black Smoke Monster- The judgement/wrath of God

Increased healing and male potency- The healing power of God andGod's wish for man to continue to bear children

Difficulty leaving the Island or finding it - Isolates the Island and is an attempt at preventing corruption

Note: This influence is also strong in Australia, as seen in "S. O. S."The faith healer knows of this healing energy, which is strong were he is due to his relatively proximity to the Island, in the Ocean north east of Australia.
The numbers seem to be God's locator. Their presence call upon the forces of fate, leading people to the Island, expecially in Hurley's case, as seen in "Numbers."
The message containing the numbers that was sent out using the radio tower before Rousseau changed the message to a call for help was probably one means of locating the Island or bringing people there against their will.
The Story:
Early before The Dharma Iniative came to the Island, a people, rediscovering the island or left over from Adam and Eve, formed a unique society formed around the figure Jacob. This society appreciated the Island's power and wished to protect the Island from technology and corruption.
The Dharma Initiative discovered the great potential the Island has for the betterment of mankind. To discover the source of the strange properties of the Island, the Dharma Initiative performed experiments on the island. Their use of technology enraged the natives and led to them organizing a "Purge" of the scientists.
In the process of conducting the "Purge" and consequently taking over the facilities of the Dharma Initiative to prevent further Dharma influence, the people were corrupted. Still led by Jacob, they were still alienated by the Island, and therefore, Jacob, empowered by his connection to the Island, became more and more wrathful, rarely contacting the "Hostiles."
This disconnection with the Island and the corruption these people now exhibited caused a plague of pregnancy illness to follow the "Hostiles." This illness was not meant to dessimate the people, but to show the people God's anger over the corrupt society.These people used the Flame station and Dharma transportation to recruit people they needed to further their pursuits: Mikhail for communications and Juliet for attempts at a cure for the pregnancy illness.
Jacob and the Island, desperate to turn the people back on the path of righteousness, set into motion the acts and events that would lead to the crashes of planes and boats, trying to overturn the corrupt regime. The "hostiles" only took the people they saw as worthy of being part of thier society, and they take the children and raise them, trying to sustain their population. Flight 815 is just one of these attempts at redeeming the Others.
This is probably incorrect, but you have to admit it's a good story!

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how do you account for the fact that women conceived on the island die during the pregnancies and the babies with them. doensn't fit with the notion of healing etc and how you use that to explain the male potency

and while I"m not sure that I can buy the whole "island is God" idea I agree that it does seem that the Island could be 'alive' in some way
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