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The basic idea of this theory is that the survivors of Flight 815's crash are going through virtual reality group therapy to help them come to terms with their lives and the crash. They are part of a program in which they are given free reign to relive the events of the crash or (in private sessions) of their lives before it. Once the survivor comes to grips with his/her past and is ready for a psychologically healthy life, he exits the program by "dying".

Support for this:
First, it connects to the fact that everyone here has "Daddy issues" that need resolving. Some of the passengers, of course, are not nuts/ criminals/ OCD/ drug addicts, and so of course they are not a part of the therapy. These are those who "died" at the beginning.

Second, it explains why each character dies after making peace with their major demon (Shannon and abandonment, Boone and his passion to be useful, Ana Lucia and the fact that no one liked her, Eko and his guilt over his brother, {Libby and her obsession with Hurley?}). The therapy has succeeded, and they no longer need the program. But they can't get rescued--how can they plausibly explain to the rest of the castaways that people are being resued one by one? Soon people would figure out the pattern and be trying to fake inner peace just to be saved. But if salvation is masked in the cloak of death, that really tests people's sincerity--are they willing to put their lives on the line to improve it?

This theory could also explain why Alpert doesn't seem to age - he is a part of the program, kind of like the Office Assistant doggie in MS Office applications.

Lingering questions:
*What about Penny and the Brazilian guys? what did they see, and how do they fit it?
Maybe Desmond is lost in the therapy system (there are multiple simulations going on at once), and they have been trying to find him; what they registered was brain wave activity that was distinctly his.

*What about Walt and Michael? What would their "sailing away" represent?
Hopeless cases? Maybe Michael was just too stubborn, refused to see things any other way, so the system gave up and let him take Walt and go.

*What about the Others, Danielle, etc.? Who are they?
They could be Wizard of Oz-like characters, charicatures of people the subjects really knew (like how, in Dorothy's dream, Charlotte Gulch became the witch or the carnie guy became the Wizard). Or they could be interventionists, people they actually have known or encountered in the real world (and most likely have harmed) participating in the therapy.


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I actually believe this theory more than the other ones floating around. The resolution of issues and then "dying" seems to be a common thread. But what has happened to walt and MIchael?
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