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<Character Name> Henrietta

(The Actor: <Actor'sUnknown.)

Episode Name,Appearances: and"The linkOther toWoman".

Occupation: theirMember ownof page,the ifOthers. available>)

FlashbackHails from: Episode<s>:Unknown.

Who <Listshe Flashbackis: EpisodeHenrietta here,was ifan any,Other withwho links>Whobecame he/shepregnant is:on Hailsthe from:Island. <WhereShe was areone theyof originallynine from?>Whopeople who died as a result of pregnancy, after their immune system went against them some time during he/shethe late second trimester. Juliet was before:brought Whoto he/shethe isIsland now:to Bigsolve secrets:the mystery of why pregnant women die on the Island, but could not figure it out. After she died, Goodwin told her that Henrietta's death was not her fault.


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