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At the end of the third season Kate told Sawyer she was going to ask Juliet to do a pregnancy test for her and Sawyer replied that she'd better hope she wasn't. I was under the impression that he was in love with her. And after he left, Jack told Kate that he didn't want her going back for him as he loved her and was protecting her. Does Sawyer no longer want her? What about Juliet I thought Jack had fallen for her? Or is there going to be one big love triangle? Kate should stay with Jack and let Sawyer go, I don't know whether to trust Juliet or not.

Hey. Okay so i definitely think that Sawyer still has just as strong feelings for Kate as he always had. My feeling is that Kate may actually be pregnant from the way she gave her line in the episode "Eggtown" "Wouldn't that have been the worst thing" About being pregnant. The way that line was delivered seemed very sarcastic. And then when Sawyer had his response of fist pumping cheers she was upset and decided to leave.
For Jack, i believe that he'll do anything for Kate to make her happy. And letting her go with Sawyer is the only way she'll be happy. He's a good guy, but i still like Kate with Sawyer better.

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