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(The Actor: Ariston Green)

Episode Appearances: "Every Man for Himself", "The Cost of Living", "I Do", "Not in Portland", "Greatest Hits", "Through the Looking Glass".

Occupation: Member of the Others.

Hails from: Unknown.

Who he is: Jason is an Other who was frequently seen helping other Others of a higher status. He was first seen in the Hydra operation room, when they pretended to implant a pacemaker in Sawyer. He was later seen with Ben and Sawyer when Ben showed Sawyer they were on a different island.

Jason observed Ben's operation along with Danny Pickett and Tom. Pickett left the operation room to kill Sawyer, with Jason following. Jason disapproved of his plan to kill him. After reaching the cages, he held Kate at gunpoint to prevent her from interfering with Pickett. Suddenly, Tom speaks on the radio, and demands that it is given to Kate. Jack is on the other side, and tells her to run away. In a turn of events, Kate and Sawyer beat up Jason and Pickett, and lock them in the cage. They are later freed by Ivan, and they hunt down the escapees. The reach Room 23, and discover Aldo on the floor. He says that Kate, Sawyer, and Alex escaped with Karl.

Jason was later chosen to be one of the ten people who went to invade the survivors camp to capture the pregnant women. He, along with Tom and Ryan Pryce, survive the ambush by Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, and capture them. The next day, Hurley runs over Pryce, distracting Jason. This gives Sayid the opportunity to trip him, and then using his legs, brakes his neck, killing him.


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