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Jack and Kate's relationship is very complicated because Kate also has a relationship with Sawyer. Most of the time, Jack and Kate maintain a friend type of relationship. But sometimes, they show their romantic feelings for each other.

Kate and Jack
Jack and Kate first met in 'the pilot, part 1' and immediately bonded. Because of the wound on his back, she had to help him sew it up. Kate saw him, right away, as her hero and she trusted him completely. Already the next day they went out on a hike to try to find the cockpit. When Kate is alone in the jungle, running from 'the monster', Jack is the name she screams as she is terrified.
When Kate decides to go with Sayid and some other people, Jack wants to but can't come with them, because he has to take care of the marshall, who is very hurt. And for some reason, Kate is very interested in this man. Meanwhile, when Kate takes off, the marshall wakes up and reveals that Kate was a runaway and extremely dangerous. He shows him a mugshot of her to prove it. But when Kate comes back, she won't tell him that she did run away for some reason, when Jack asks her if there's something she's hiding from him. But when they fight out in the rain, Jack tells her anyway that he knows. She is hurt that she can't hide from her past, but in some way, maybe she was relieved that Jack was the one to find it, and not someone else. Because Jack doesn't question what it was she did and ran from, why the marshall had taken her. No, he said that everyone deserved a second chance.
The marshall finally dies, and Kate is free from the thoughts that he could reveal her true identity any minute. She goes on another hike, this time to boar hunt with Locke. But she doesn't really go because she want boar, but she is helping Sayid with a tranciever. When she comes back, Jack looks over her to see she is not hurt, and he tells her that a memorial service is held soon. When Jack sees a man in a suit, he runs away and Kate runs, surprised, after him.
When Jack finds some caves right in the middle of the jungle, he, Kate, Locke and Charlie go there to get some water for the group. As this is going on, Jack and Kate connect more then ever, and when Jack decides that it would be a good idea to move everyone to the caves, with a good protection and fresh water, he desperately wants Kate to come with him. She finally says that she won't go with him, but stays on the beach, and he is very disappointed.
Soon after, Jack tells Kate how disappointed he was that she wouldn't come with him to the caves. Kate informs him on how totally relying on Sayid's plan to find the distress call, and goes with him up on the huge mountains. While Kate is with Sayid, the caves crashes in and Jack is trapped inside. When Sawyer finally tells Kate that, she runs to the caves as quickly as possible. And when she arrives, she does everything in her power to get him out of there. But in the end, Charlie is the one to do so, but Kate is the first one to take Jack quickly in her arms and hold him tight.
When everyone believes that Sawyer took Shannon's inhalers, Kate tries to help Jack get them back. But what he doesn't know, is that she has to kiss Sawyer to get them. But because it is Sawyer, he reveals, right after the kiss, that he never had the inhalers. Jack, of course, finds out about the kiss soon and the look in his eyes tells everyone that he is hurt.
Charlie and Claire gets kidnapped by Ethan and Jack and Kate goes out together in the jungle to find them. On the way, they share secrets and frustrations. When they find Charlie hanging in a tree, they both, but especially Jack, struggle to make him breathe again. He eventually succeeds and both Jack and Kate are thrilled.
Kate finds a silver case, which belonged to the marshall, and she needs to open it for some reason and turns to Jack. He promise her he will help her, but in that case, they will open it together, which she agrees with. Kate totally tries to play Jack, but he doesn't fall for it, and gets very mad at her. But when the key is found he still opens the case together with Kate. A very small airplane, was the one thing Kate wanted in the case, and Jack questions her why. He had to struggle to get a correct answer, but she does admit that it belonged to the man she loved... and killed.
Jack does care about Kate a lot, which is shown when he helps Sawyer out with his terrible headache. And when she thanked him, he says he did it only for her. And Kate does care a lot about Jack, which is shown when she takes care of him after Boone's death and he is so exhausted. But they also have a lack of trust for each other, which is shown when Jack asks Kate if she was the one to poison Michael.
But Jack and Kate come close when they went out to the jungle to try to find "The Black Rock" to finally manage to open "The Hatch". Jack hates the fact that Kate got to carry the life threatening dynamite, so he takes them in his backpack, behind her back, only to protect her. And right before blowing up the hatch, Jack asks Kate if she got his back and she totally does.
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Jack, Kate and Sawyer finds themselfs as prisoners at The Others. They're in different places, Sawyer in a cage, Kate in another cage not so far away from Sawyer. Jack is in a strange underground room. A woman named Juliette shows up at Jack's and start asking him questions and she tells him that he can trust her.
Jack is having suspitions about Sarah, he thinks that she is seeing some other man. After reading trough Sarahs phonebook he finds his fathers number there. So he starts to think that maybe his father and Sarah had an affair. He confronts his father but he tells him that Sarah called him because she was worried about Jack. He don't belive him so he attacks him. Sarah gets Jack out of custody and he gets to see her lover.
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Sayid has lighted the signal fire and their wating for Jack, Sawyer, Hurely, Kate and Michael to come. When their not coming Sun, Jin and Sayid lights another fire on another beach. Sayid tells Sun that the fire isn't for Jack. Hes Planning a trap for the"Others" because he suspects that they have been captured. Kate and Sawyer are forced to work for the "Others" by chopping loose rocks and othe straining things. When they are working, Sawyer kisses Kate and not on the contrary. Meanwhile, the "Others" attack the boat where Sun is hiding instead of the trap that awaits them where Sayid and Jin are hiding.
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Kate: I'm not doing anything until I see Jack.
Sun and Jin.
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Locke wakes up in the middle of the jungle after The Hatch incident. He discoverd that he has lost his voice. By using paper and pencil at the camp he tries to convince Charlie to help him. Locke receives a vision, Boone is telling him that Kate, Jack and Sawyer have been captured but that Locke must clean up his own mess before he can help them. So Locke and Charlie search for Mr.Eko. Locke beleives Eko has been captured by a polar bear, and is right.
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Jack is forced to try saving Coleen after Sun shot her, but she dies. Jack discovers an x- ray that shows a tomour but he dosen't know who's it is. Sawyer is planing his and Kates escape but he don't succed sense Ben's been listening to them. They take Sawyer to a room (similiar to Jack's) and he discovers how far they're willing to go. After Coleen died her husband beats up Sawyer and forces Kate to say that she loves Sawyer.
When Sawyer asks why Kate didn't run while she had the chance she uses Jacks motto: live together, die alone.
Sawyer: It's every man for him self!
Kate: Live together, die alone.
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Eko is life is hin danger after the polarbear insident. Yet he goes back to spot where his dead brother is. Locke, Sayid, Desmond, Nikki and Paulo are going to the Pearl to try to communicate with another station, so their planing to catch up with Eko on the way. Jack finds out that the xrailes are Bens and that he's dying. Ben needs Jack to get rith of the tumour. Juliet shows a secret video of her self telling Jack to not trust Ben couse he's evil and that Jack sould consider to accidently kill him when his opperating.
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Kate is brought to see Jack so she can convince him to do the surgery on Ben, because otherwise they will kill Sawyer. When she gets back to her cage she climbs out of it and in to Sawyers cage and they sleep together (!). Jack agrees to do the surgery on Ben, but he has a plan they didn't see coming.

Kate is brought to see Jack. They both touche the glass and look into eachother's eyes. Juliet thinks that she should give them some privicy. Later Jack asks Kate if they hurt her (you can tell that he really cares about her).

Jack: Hey, you okay?
Kate: Yeah. You?
Jack looks away and get kinda teary eyes: I'm, I'm great.

Jack: Did the hurt you?

Kate: Jack you have to do it! They thing they told you to to, this operation. She sad that if you do.....
Jack: What did they do to you?! How did they get you to ask me?

Jack: You remember what I told you the day on beach, the day of the crash? Remember what story I told you when you were stitching me up? YOU REMEMBER IT?

Kate: I can't leave without you!!

Jack: Kate damn it, RUN!

Kate is getting married to a cop named Kevin (played by Nathan Fillion) but he and his family knows her as Monica. They are happily married until Kevin tells Kate/Monica that he has bought a trip to Costa Rica for their honeymoon! Since Kate is a fugitive she dosen't have a real passport and there're lots of people looking for her. She desides to run again and before telling Kevin she drugs him so he won't get involved.

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