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Karl(The Actor: Blake Bashoff)

Flashback Episodes: None

Occupation: A former member of the Others.

Hails from: Unknown.

Who he is: When Sawyer awoke in his cage at the Hydra, another man, Karl, was in the other cage. Sawyer was trying to work out the food delivery system, but Karl warned him he will be shocked. Sawyer ignores him, and gets shocked. Karl asked Sawyer about Flight 815. Karl then breaks out of his cage, also releasing Sawyer, and runs away. They were soon captured by Tom and Juliet. Karl was forced to apologize to Sawyer, and was then taken away.

Kate was moved to the cage Karl was originally in. When Kate and Sawyer were forced to dig up rocks at the Quarry, Alex asked Kate if she knew where Karl was at. Later, Alex told Kate that The Others are going to kill Sawyer, just like they killed Karl.

Karl in Room 23When Kate and Sawer escaped from the Others, Alex meet them, and asked if they would help rescue Karl. Alex promised them a boat if they save him. They went to a building where Aldo was standing guard. They managed to get past him, and went inside. They heard loud music coming from Room 23, and went inside. Karl was inside, wearing LED glasses, and watching a video with flashing images and words. They freed him, but he needed to be carried, being not fully conscious.

Kate, Sawyer, and Karl reached the main island. Karl says that the Others use the Hydra for their projects, but live on the main island, and the children that were taken are now living a "better life". Later, Sawyer and Karl talk alone. Sawyer says he should go back to find Alex, but Karl fears that if he is caught, he will be killed.

Alex and Karl were reunited, when Alex, along with the rest of the Others, were travelling on the main island. Ben planned an attack on the survivors at their camp earlier than what was planned. Alex told Karl to warn the survivors. He managed to reach them, and informed them of what was about to happen.

At the radio tower, Karl and Alex are reunited again. Ben says he never approved of their relationship, and had him separated because he didn't want Alex to become pregnant.

Karl and Rousseau are shotBen tells Alex that she must get away. She tells her, along with Karl and Rousseau to go to the Temple., because it is the only safe place on the island. On the way to the Temple, they have a break. A bullet hits Karl's water bottle. He is confused over what happened, and then is shot in the chest. He falls, and Alex screams. Rousseau says he is gone. Karl is presumed to be dead.

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