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Sawyer"You can either call, or raise, or lay 'em down, Muttonchops."Hurley

It's poker night on The Island and poor gullible Hurley is in danger of losing all his mangoes to Sawyer. Fortunately, Jack (aka "Amarillo Slim") shows up just in time to warn Hurley off.
Muttonchops are what happens when sideburns go unchecked. Hurley's been known to sport them..
Sawyer"Fun time's over, Mongo, why don't you hit the buffet?"Hurley

The card game continues, and Sawyer dismisses Hurley so he can play some heads-up high-stakes poker with Jack for all the medicine in his stash.
Mongo is a dimwitted behemoth from the movie Blazing Saddles, famous for punching out a horse. Like Hurley, Mongo is "only pawn in game of life."