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This is LOST in your life. You know you are obsessed when you keep dreaming you are on the island, and the others are out to get you.

You know you're obsessed when you start seeing themes from Lost everywhere. Perhaps you arrange number magnets on the fridge into "the numbers." Maybe you assign your friends nicknames at random. Whatever you do, show & tell about where Lost shows up in your life.

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For me, everything has another level of mystery to it. There is always a problem to be solved or a question to be answered. Thats why I love Lost so much, it brings a amazing story line with astounding actors and actresses and you have to give it respect for what it has done for television. (the_dead_zone from Illinois)

Whenever anyone says anything that has to do with Lost, I let them know. Even if they just say something about a fish, I'll say something about Jin!!!


My husband and I take notes on every episode in our Dharma notebook! :-P (Kay from Ohio)

I run around the house before each episode screaming Jorge Garcia (Hurley)

I had 6 fortune cookies, and each of them had one of the numbers in them.
I was walking along a street in Shibuya (a place in Tokyo) and their was a fish restaurant called "Dharma" (John from Japan)
I know im lost when I find myself in the mall and wonder where Sawyer is?!


Everyone can appreciate it when a LOST fan has too much time on their hands. These videos were so stupid, so funny and so amazing, I just had to pass it on. I laughed until I was sick. After you click on the link, click on the yellow "watch this movie" link on the right hand side of the screen.

LOST Season One Rhapsody

LOST Season Two Rhapsody

Thought ya’ll might also like these links...They are music videos set to clips from LOST. They are pretty well done and made me smile to think of all the great moments on the show. There are tons of them on this site – this is just a small sampling. Might "tide you over" for a while. Enjoy! --- Lael

Boys of Summer --- Sawyer/Kate/Jack Love Triangle

Fields of Gold --- Entire Cast Montage

Time of Our Lives --- Entire Cast Montage

Walking on Broken Glass --- Locke

More Than a Feeling --- Desmond & Penelope

Space Oddity --- Desmond’s Journey

Silence --- Eko

Bleed From Within --- Sayid


My girlfriend, her father, and I were on our way to Alabama and there must have been a few traveling soccer teams, but before you know it all of the girls on the team had turned in one dircetion and we could see their numbers. They were in the order of the numbers...I do not joke when I say this, except they were all in order by age and ascending number, but the numbers just so happened to line up as: 4,8,15,16,23,42. It was scary. (Bill from Illinois)

Another thing I've been up to "while we wait" is playing LOST: The Game. It's a fascinating and incredibly complex boardgame full of secrets, peril and interesting character plots. You won't believe what your favorite characters can do (just watch out for Ana Lucia!) You can also log on to the Official Website and talk to other players in the Message Board.

Also, check out all the new books out about LOST. My favorite is Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide by Nikki Stafford. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about LOST, this book will teach you more! I think it's a must-have for any LOST fan. ---- Lael

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I'm completly obsessed. its almost all i think about. i found this great site, and i find my self checking for updates all day. im convinced its put up by someone on the inside, thats how acurate it is. its crazy. if you want to check it out go here its freaking awesome!!!!!!!
Whenever I put something in the microwave, I put the timer on for a lost number (23 seconds, etc.) I also check the lottery for lost Numbers, and add them up to see if they equal 108. Whenever the time is 8:15 a go shouting it's 8:15!!! I am the #1 Lost fan!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! ( Stefan from California)
I tried setting my password on my iPod Nano the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42...But it wouldn't fit...
I was eating breakfast yesterday (05/24/07), and I looked out the window and I saw a retro blue VW van just like the ones Dharma used. I have never seen one of those just like that in person before.
Heey Everyone!!
Okay i'm like the BIGGEST fan ever!
i've orderd every bit or merchindise, have all calenders,games,puzzles,pictures all over!
But my favorite thing to do is pretend im on the show of course!
my story (ps: im 15)
"i'm Sawyers daughter who he abnndoned on the streets to protect me. Then poof im on the island and i remember him but he doesn't remember me. I have the ENTIRE story written out and i do different imaginary scenes all the time.
Call me obbssesd? YUP!
(SKATER = <3)
I drive down the road and catch myself trying to figure out how the license plates add up to the numbers. My aunt and I took a self defense class. The instructor decided to name the bag and decides to call it by the brand name printed on top of the bag. So he turns it around for us to see the name and tells us to come take a swing at "Mr. Kwon"
We both started laughing uncontrollably, much to his confusion.
When each episode is over, you use tivo to frame by frame the 'next week' section and see how much you can figure out. Worse - the things that you do manage to figure out . "Oh, that must be so-and-so's arm! That sillouete stands like "insert character", it must be them! Do you see that shirt? It must be that person, the other chick doesnt' wear those kind of colors usually" I frequently wear a "Not Penny's Boat" shirt (with the appropriate pic ironed onto the back) with a pair of charlie shoes, and by friday a Driveshaft ring.

Whenever I want something to happen I try to convince my mom it's fate by saying that the island told me! Meg from NY