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An intresting theory that my brother thought up was that if your using time as a dimension like Einstein thought you would have 4 dimensions altitude, lateral movement, forward and backwards, and time. Time is different though, because if you have someone a few feet ahead of you, referring to forward and backward movement you would be able to see them, but if somebody was in the same place you are now a day before you are there you wouldn't see them. But with this theory say your in your house, and some thing travels back in time to you, but is off by only a second or two they would be so close you should see something, but what. We think the smoke monster may be part of this. It could be a person, an animal or something, but since it is off by a little it looks like a cloud of smoke. The reason for this is we believe the island may be able to distort time so you may see some thing that was there in the past or future. This could have something to do with Desmond's incident when he went to the freighter, and when Mr. Ecko sees flashback's in the smoke monster. Also we think the island may not have actually moved in location, but moved through time, so we think it is still there, but in a different time period. I hope I made myself clear as it is confusing.

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