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Mr. PaikMr. Paik

(The Actor: Byron Chung)

Episode Appearances: "...In Translation", "The Glass Ballerina", "D.O.C.", "There's No Place Like Home: Part 1".

Occupation: Owner of Paik Heavy Industries.

Hails from: Seoul, South Korea.

Who he is: Mr. Paik is the founder and owner of Paik Heavy Industries, which holds connections to the Hanso Foundation and Widmore Corporation.

When Sun was a child, she broke a glass ballerina. When Mr. Paik asked her who broke it, she said the maid did. He believed her, and fired the maid.

Mr. Paik arranged a meeting between Sun and Jae Lee, the wealth son of the owner of the Seoul Gateway Hotel. He wanted her to get married to her. Later, Jin went to Mr. Paik to ask for his permission to marry Sun. He accepts, but only is Jin became an employee of the company, and become his personal assistant.

Mr. Paik talks to JinJin's mother blackmailed Sun, and asked for $100,000 or else she will reveal dishonorable secrets to the public. Sun goes to her father, and demands that she gets the money. However, Mr. Paik wants to know why she wants the money. She then says that she knows what he really does for a living, but will pretend not to know, as long as she gets the money. After Mr. Paik continues to try to find out why she needs it, she admits that it is needed to spare the embarrassment of someone she loves. Mr. Paik assumes that the person is Jin, and says that the debt will be on him.

When Mr. Paik discovers that Sun and Jae Lee were having an affair, he tells Jin that he must kill him. He does not reveal to him that he is having an affair with his wife, but says that he is stealing from him. Jae Lee later commits suicide by jumping from a balcony at the hotel.

After the Oceanic 6 are rescued, Mr. and Mrs. Paik greet Sun at the airport in Honolulu. Later, Sun confronts him at his office, and says that he is partly to blame for Jin's death, and that he always hated him. She then says that Oceanic Airlines gave her a large settlement, which she used to purchase a controlling interest for the company.


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