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I think the others are survivers of the dharma crew and they have been looking for the black smoke because its a creature they discovered that can read minds - if it reads minds it will know stuff know one else know like what the numbers are etc - there probably trying to find it because they can control it to find out memories of the island and thats why there working on the alcatraz island because they believe its there - i think all the creatures on the island are man made by the dharma crew and thats why they can survive on it ie the polar bears - i also believe that the others are just a 2nd rank of there crew and that there are much more people on the island(s) that are higher ranked than the others and are much more intelligent. And the reason why they say to our people this is our island we let you stay on it because we want to - is because they know if they go searching they'll find out more of the islands secrets.

Some of this might not make sense but i do think the others and the black smoke have a link

oh and just to add :-

The magazine that walt read and then eventually got chucked in the fire by micheal - i think someone spanish has been on the island like desmond - been in the hatch that was crossed out on the invisible map and when he destroyed it he went back to his normal home made the comic of his life story and for all we know he could have sold it to walt or hurley - who had it on the plane - i think - and then is back on the island like desmond but can also see what happens in the future!

Hope this makes you want to ask more questions to the directors of lost

Thanks for reading - my names callum just to let you know


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I disagree with you a little here. I think the Others are the original inhabitants of the island and not part of Dharma at all. Maybe not all of them (we know for example that Juliet was brought in from the mainland) but people like Ben are.
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