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The island was a large testing facility for a group that blended New Age beliefs with science - a private endeavor called the "Dharma Project". They were attracted to the island because of the "energy emmissions" they discovered there. However, an epidemic on the island killed many of the original 1970s members. But a containment system failure in the Hatch taught them one of the wonderful powers of the energy - it could heal people.

The group began in with the rise of the New Age movements in the 1970s. A surviving remnant of the group now live on the island, with ties to members in the mainland USA. The energy has tremendous healing powers. The energy is responsible for the mystical healings that occured with both the cancer survivor and the crippled man. It helps a body repair itself - pseudo fountain of youth - when it is released. This occured when the containment system failed (by Desmond and Kelvin) and also brought the airplane down. Thus the plane crash was an accident. Those who have died did so when the computer keeping the energy in check was only allowing a minimum amount of energy to flow out - to be released so that it would not erupt - not enough to affect healings in Libby or others who have died relatively quick deaths from blunt trama, gunshot wounds or impaling. Had Libby been exposed to a large amount of the energy she would have been saved.

Once on the island however, the small group were interested in the survivors as other abilities may be unleased by the energy as well to add to their own numbers of possible believers in their New Age / Science Cult.

This accounts for the reason that there is no longer a quarantine on the island. A massive amount of energy was released which healed those who were sick from the original community. Thus they became the remnant.

Several New Age theories or beliefs would account for sightings of Walt in the jungle, the mystical horse the seems to help Kate.

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i agree. they probably all started out on the island as scientists but something went wrong. now they follow their leader "henry gale" and do whatever he says cause he must have saved them somehow. I have 2 theories on the virus, one that Henry made it up and uses it as a method of control, two that they're some kind of doomsday cult that take the cure as a way to survive. They're very protective of the island and for the most part they prob don't want anyone to leave. The reason they care so much about the kids is that they believe that they have to repopulate so they give them the vaccines to prevent them from getting the virus. They made lists of people because they wanted to add the best and the brightest to their ranks. They're in the process of trying to break Jack because they know that he is the key to controling everyone else on the beach.
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