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I don't like thie theory, I prefer to beleave in the Island's magic, but I feel that this theory (part or whole) has some merit.
The Island has a strong concintration of electro-magnetic energy, like where Rose went to in Austraila to (unsuccessfully) get healed. The reason the Rose (and others, like Jin) are able to heal here is because the energy is MUCH stronger than in Austraila. And since our brains work on electrical impulses, this inhances the brains powers. Such as makeing memories appear as realities. (Can anyone remember if the "halusinations", such as Kate's horse, jacks dad, ect., were ever touched?) We use only a small percent of our brain and in one part of the brain (I think it's the frontal lobe) is beleaved to house 'paranromal' abilites, the electro-magnitic feild may in hance this or make it accessable to the individual.
Because of this phenomina (the Island inhancing abilities) , is why Dharma initialy do experiments on the Island and monitor individuals (maybe not only is the Pearl used to release a buildup of the electro-magnetic file, i.e. "push the button", but also to monitor the effects of beibg aat the preverbial 'ground zero' on the button pushers). This would explain why the intrest in Walt by the Others, his ability to compleatly materialize his thoughts and how the Island inhances them. (Example: the polar bears were kept on the second Island, not the Island where the plane crashed on, yet they appear on the Island after Walt reads a comic contianing polar bears. Sure polar bears can swim, but I don't think that they would beable to bridge the distance between the two islands that we saw when Ben showed Sawyer the Island that he crashed on.) And this would also explain the LIst. Some people would be more affected by the energy than others (including childern since thier brain is stil forming), and this would put them on the list (note that Locke was on the List for the mid section and he appears to have a special connection to the Island).
The Hostiles come from the "slave ship", wich was not correctly identified. It is actually a prisoner ship (perhaps sending convicted persons, which includes females, to Austraila as was done in Austraila's early years). The Hostiles are the ships decendants. To combat the concern of inbreeding in the show, the occational crash survivor or ship wrecked person would be added to their gene pool. This would help prevent serious mutation. And this could be why the Others/Hostiles are unale to cary to term. This would explain why Richard looks like the guy in the juncle from Ben childhood. It isn't Richard, but his dad, while not undeversified genetic enough to cause deformity, they would strongly resemble eachother. Why not assimulate all the crash survivers? they only want those that have the inhanced abilities to be added to their gene pool. They want the best genetic material.
Dharma, as previously stated, started out on the Island doing experiments on the effects of the electro-magneetic forces on the body and mind. They also started the experiment that ended up creating the black smoke. This is why you hear the sound of machinery when it's near. If you'll refer to the Philadelphia Experiment, it will explain why you can't see the machinery. A posablility on why it is visable as black smoke it that it malfunctioned. It doesn't realy matter weather or not if it was started out as weapons experiment, I feel that it is besides the point. This also explains why you can't see Jacob (some of the sailors aboard the ship used in the Experiment were reported to have experienced reandom and involentarty 'disappearing', both as a whole person or just a body part, like a hand or leg going invisable). If the black smoke experiment did indeed run amok, this could be why the Hostiles attacked Dharma.

As I said at the beginning, I don't care for this theory, I like the mysticizm of the Island, but perhaps this theory deserves some thought.

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