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(The actor: Patrick Fischler)

Episode appearances: "LaFleur", "Namaste", "He's Our You", "Whatever Happened, Happened", "Some Like it Hoth", "The Variable", "Follow the Leader", "The Incident"

Occupation: Security Officer for the Dharma Initiative

Hails from: Unknown

Who he is: Phil was a member of the Dharma Initiative who worked in the security department. Nothing is known of his life before joining the Dharma Initiative. He was killed during the Incident.

On the Island (1974): Phil first met the survivors during the time Richard Alpert arrived at the barracks. He escorted Sawyer, Daniel, Miles, Juliet, and Jin (who claimed to of been shipwrecked) into a house where he told them not to move anywhere.

Phil Questions Kate
Phil becomes suspicious of Kate.
On the Island (1977): Jerry and Rosie where in the security room flirting when Phil walked in. After breaking them up, they noticed a man on one of the monitors. It was Horace Goodspeed. He was near the sonic fence, lighting up dynamite and blowing up trees. He informed the head of security, Jim LaFleur about this problem.

Phil greated new recruits when a new group arrived via submarine. When he greeted Kate, he became suspicious as he couldn't find her on the list. Juliet told Phil that Kate was a last minute recruit, and gave him a fake list with her name on it. Later that night, Jack approached him, asking where James LaFleur lived. He pointed his house, but told him LaFleur doesn't like being called "James".

He was at the security station during the capturing of Sayid, who was believed to be an Hostile. Young Ben Linus continued to give sandwiches to Sayid, which Phil okayed. He later escorted Sayid to Oldham, who interrogated him using a truth serum. Sayid was sent back to his cell, but was released by Ben, who ran off in the jungle with him. During this time, Phil was not at the security center, but rather fighting a fire Ben had started.

Phil is tied up
Phil is tied up in a closet after discovering Sawyer's secret.
Ben was shot by Sayid, and later discovered. He was sent to the infirmary ward in critical condition. However, he disappeared. Phil discovered that LaFleur was behind Ben's disappearance as he discovered a tape showing LaFleur, Kate, and Jack crossing the sonic fence with Ben. LaFleur had told Miles to destroy that tape earlier, but he failed to do so. He went to LaFleur to see if he could explain his actions. However, LaFleur knocked him out, and tied him up inside a closet. Later, Radzinsky discovered that LaFleur had attacked Phil when he went into his house and heard Phil banging on the closet door. Juliet and Sawyer were held captive and interrogated. When Sawyer refused to talk, Phil punched Juliet. They were sent to leave the island, and were taken to the submarine. Kate returned to the barracks, and was also placed on the submarine.

Phil was present at the Barracks during the shootout between Jack, Sayid, and the Dharma Initiative. Phil radioed Radzinsky, who told him to send a team to the Swan. A team was set at the Swan to search the parameter of the area in search of Jack and Sayid. Phil spotted Jack, and open fired. Sawyer, Kate, Miles, and Juliet soon joined. Meanwhile, Radzinsky insisted that they continue drilling despite Dr. Chang's warning against it. Sawyer captured Phil at gunpoint. Jack managed to drop the bomb into the hole, but nothing happened. Instead, a leak of magnetic energy caused metallic objects to be pulled towards the hole. During the chaos, Phil, no longer apprehended, managed to get hold of a rifle and held Sawyer at gunpoint. However, the magnetic leak caused several poles to fly in the direction of Phil, impaling and killing him.


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