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that means :
a whole community finds a right place and seeds life ,
then with some experiments uses the bodies of humans just like we wear cloths .
that means a soul gives the attitude and the characteristics to body just like we do wearing our cloths .
a whole circle of life and death comes along .
reincarnation is based on the skills and strength of someone on the certain life that just passed .
this is a test with a reason and the judges are all those souls who doesn't participate the current time
only in few places are the gates between life and death around the globe and are instantly connected ,but also guarded by creatures ,
just like the lion goddess from ancient Egypt ,( and that's why there's her sculpture there )

by the time of birth no longer we remember the whole thing and we have to re discover it
only few during their life know what is going on , the experts , who also are asked to keep the rules .. like the lady in LA

a violent separation of body and soul causes the soul not to leave but instead to askfinish for the purposereason that brought in there ,
this could be a bad thing or even revenge ( the smoke monster )
all the other souls that they know what to do a good thing they just help christian helps loche and san ...
more details soon on video ...