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James “Sawyer” Ford

SawyerThe Actor: Josh Holloway

Biography: James 'Sawyer' Ford, better known as the alias Sawyer, is one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. He is a smitten con man back in the real world, and even uses this skill on the island to fool people to get his wishes. Sawyer kept to himself and had a private stash of food and other supplies but he recently rethought his ways and is moving to become a leader of the camp. He escaped from the captivity of The Others with Kate, and has formed a relationship with her.

Hails from: Knoxville, Tennessee

Plane Section: Middle

Age: 35

Flashback Episodes: "Confidence Man", "Outlaws", "The Long Con", "Every Man For Himself"

Appears in Boone's flashback in "Hearts and Minds". Appears in Ana-Lucia's flashback in "Two for the Road".

Who he was before: Conman

Who he is now: Scavenger, trader, sometimes enforcer. Love interest of Kate.

Why he was in Australia: To kill the man he blames for his parents’ deaths, and whose name he took in his own life of crime; instead he was tricked into murdering an innocent man.

Daddy issues: Sawyer's father killed his mother and then himself after a con man (the original "Sawyer" and Locke's father) cleaned out their bank account; eight-year-old James was hiding under the bed, while his father shot himself on top of it. James Ford took on the name "Sawyer" and made it his life's goal to track down and kill the original Sawyer.

Connections Before The Island: Ana Lucia, Christian Shephard, Boone, Kate's mother

Romantic entanglements:
Pre-island: Seduced and conned women for a living; fell for a mark named Cassidy, whom he still betrayed (Cassidy later helped Kate reconnect with her mother). Later found out that he has a child with Cassidy, named Clementine Phillips. He had money put into a trust fund for her, after he conned a fellow inmate to help out the warden. Doing that also allowed him to get out of prison early.

On the island: Has romantic relationship with Kate, whom he first blackmailed into kissing him in one of Lost’s most rewound moments. During "The Glass Ballerina," Sawyer checks out Kate while forced to do manual labor, and later kisses her to incite the wrath of the others, and to find out if the Others could fight. He and Kate had sex in the episode "I Do", where they declared their love for each other. They also had sex in "Catch 22." They have had several cute moments, and sweet dialogue.
Also frequently rewound: sex with Ana Lucia (initiated by her need for a gun) in "Two for the Road".

Big secret:
  • Sawyer’s not his real name; it is James Ford.
  • He has a daughter named Clementine Phillips that he set up a trust fund for. (Kate knows about his daughter from when she met Cassidy but does not know that he is the child's father.)

Weakness(es): Children. The only time he couldn't carry through with a con was when he saw the son of a "mark" reminding him of his own past. Sawyer was a child when his Dad killed his Mom and then committed suicide. Another weakness is Kate, he tried to keep her hope alive by not telling her they were trapped on a little island with the Others. He also worried about her while she was gone to save Jack.

Sawyer-isms: Sawyer has an uncanny way of picking fitting nicknames for other people in his life. Often, these nicknames are literary references dredged from the dozens of books and magazines that Sawyer scavenged from the wreckage of Oceanic 815. For a complete list of his pet names for the Losties, Tailies and Others, click here.

Q: Is it possible that Sawyer's daughter was talked about because he and Kate will have a child?
A: It's a possibility.

Q: Will the brainwashing video that Karl was watching have any affect on Sawyer?
A: The sentence "think about your life" did seem to catch him in the moment and after that his personality change a little (at least something seems different about him). When Hurley lies to him about the possibility of being banished, he changes his attitude. Even upon the reveal that there was no banishment threat, he seems to be taking on the leadership role, albeit a bit reluctantly.

Q: Will Sawyer end his deeper relationship with Kate or he will not communicate with her so much after they reach their beach?
A: They've had sex, but they are necessarily closer. They are very close. They both have the same background and realize it. For the first time Sawyer is in love. (with Kate).

Q: Will Kate go back to Jack, or use Sawyer to make Jack jealous when he brings Juliet back to their beach? Will Sawyer allow that?
A. Sawyer will allow it as long as he can have Kate with him. When she leaves, he will go find her. That is who she is with back home.

Q: Will Sawyer try to really mess the the love triangle and flirt with Juliet?
A: No, he loves Kate.

Q. How will killing the real Sawyer affect James Ford? Will he be able to stop hating himself, and let people get close to him?
A. Sawyer does not hate - he is angry. He is capable of love (Kate and children). He will not kill James Ford, because he can't kill himself.

Ana Lucia – Hot lips, Ana Lulu.
Ben- Bug-eyed bastard.
Charlie -Baby Napper & Tattoo.
Hurley -Deep Dish.
Jack - Metro, Doc, & Jack-o.
Jin - Chewy: Jin
Kate - Freckles, Sweetheart.
Sayid Abdul.
Tom -Mr. Friendly & Zeke.
Walt- Short Round.

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