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In "reality" Desmond is one of the Doctors working on the crash victims - He is working on Charlie, trying to save him but fails. Thuis is why he "keeps telling Charlie he is going to die" See the medical rescue theory. Of course this wouldn't happen in season three - it would be the last season (5?)



When Oceanic fragmented and crashed, everyone on-board that survived had
injuries, so they were all placed in a drug induced coma. They are on the same
"plane" of existence, reliving life events as people near death often do.
People who have died on the island died while in the coma, so they no longer exist. People, like Jack's father, are in limbo or purgatory which is a "plane" that
often intersects with this subconscious or altered consciousness level. Hence, Jack (and Claire's) father being cited on the island but not being reachable or able
to communicate.

The whispers of the island that we assume are the others are the medical health team (people can hear that are in a coma).

Children often heal more rapidly but can suffer relapses, so that explains Walt
and his return. As well as his being seen by Shannon; He temporarily died but was revived; which also explains why he disappeared so suddenly.

The smoke monster is the transition into revival/awakening. Awaking from a coma
is not an easy process. Locke resisted the smoke monster because he did not want to awaken. He refused to be revived.

Because the island is primarily beautiful, peaceful, and without the everyday stresses of normal existence. The Others want to remain so they maintain their
"perfect" society. They choose to stay in the coma-like state. They are
people who are drugged for experimental purposes (children and adults).

The coma theory also explains why pregnant women can't have children or why they die. They were never pregnant to begin with. This is all part of the subconscious being stimulated in this dimension-Sun wanted a child, Hurley wanted to escape and find unconditional love, Jack wanted to resolve issues witjh his father, Kate wanted to get away, Sawyer wanted to find and kill
his nemesis.

As Sawyer succeeded in fulfilling his goal, I believe that he will be next to
leave the island. Despite his caring for Kate, I believe he will eventually "let go" and die on the island but not for some time to keep the love triangle tension going between Kate, Jack, and Sawyer.

Claire will die next. Charlie has also solved his issues (drug addiction); Charlie will also leave the island (die) but not anytime soon as we are expecting this.
The twist will be Claire dying and Charlie raising Aaron. But then Charlie will die
and Jack and Kate will unite to raise Aaron.

I truly thought the island was purgatory and the smoke monster the demons from hell pulling people down under. As I also thought death on the island was leaving the body (shell) behind and transitioning into the beyond (Heaven). That would explain the necessity of baptism of Aaron (unbaptized children = no Heavenly transition). However, this theory has been negated. This (coma) is the only alternate theory that makes sense to me.

brerik 5/23/07

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  • Charlie's captors move towards him, holding him at gunpoint, the first woman says "Charlie, you shouldn't have come down here. You know you shouldn't have" Charlie looks terrified, his arms up in surrender. "I was jus--" "Going to turn off the signal blocking everything else on this island? Yes we guessed that." Charlie looks crushed, exhausted, overwhelmed by the consequences of his heroism, he says the only thing that comes to his mind, the same thing he asked himself and everyone else when they realised the island wasn't deserted. "W-where are we?" he manages to squeeze out. "Why won't you let us go home? W-what do you people want from us? I don't want to die here. Please." he struggles to keep himself from bursting into tears. The woman takes no mercy and beats him unconscious with the butt of her gun. Charlie awakes, in a dark, wet room, we can hear dripping and the echo of water lapping from outside. Charlie comes to and notices a flashing light from outside of the room he's in, he creaks the door open, and sees a long passage, the flashing yellow light and control panel halfway down. He looks to it, realises his destiny, and begins to step towards it. He breaks into a run, sprints to the lever and pulls it down, the yellow light stops blinking, and then, dead silence. Charlie looks around him to check that the coast is clear, and cautiously moves down to the end of the passage and out into the main room where he entered the station, across from him he sees the two women who captured him, dead, on the floor in pools of their own blood. Suddenly he is jumped from behind and pushed into the pool. It's Mikhail !! He stands from the platform, watching Charlie panic in the water below. "Thank You" he calmly says to Charlie. He looks down for a moment and takes a deep breath. "And sorry" He pulls up a gun and shoots Charlie in the chest, he falls down through the water to his destiny. He instantly pulls out a satellite phone, much like Naomi's, and dials. "Miss Widmore. It's safe now. We're ready" (Dan 5/19/07) (same Dan that posted two entries ago)

  • The others are not going to fall in the trap set on the beach, they are probably going to capture the whole lost group, but juliet is going to intervene in their favour. naomi didn't crash an helicopter on the island. Maybe the darhma project is trying to take control of the island again. (raskolnikov,05/18/07)

  • We will find out (through flashback) what happened to Jack, cutting between what is happening upon the Other's invasion on the beach. Ben arrives and looks Jack square in the eye. "Jack, please." he says. "Please what?" replies Jack. "We had a deal, Jack, remember, I said I would keep my word. We're the good guys, remember?" Jack just stares blankly back at Ben in that way he always does when he gets the better of people "If you're the good guys" he begins, "then where is John?" "Quite, I haven't seen him for days. I am sorry to say, but since your wonderfully curious friend blew up our only way off this island, and since the electromagnetic pulse around this island, we currently have no way off. I believe you have someone to show me? A woman? Who came here?" At that point there is a clickity click noise --- the monster ! AROOOOOOOOCH !! CLANKALANKCLANKCLANKCLANK BOOOM!! derbris shatters from the jungle onto the beach, as a tonne of Others come rushing out of the jungle, screaming for their lives, covered with BLOOD. There is a rustling, and LOCKE comes striding out of the trees, weilding two pistols. there is a cold GLINT in his eye." Ben, take me home. NOW." Ben replies "I can't do that John, you know I can't, there no---" Locke snaps back "I disabled your transmission that was scrambling communications. Jacob helped me. And I helped him. Oh, and Ben, one other thing." He whips out a gun and shoots Ben in the chest with it. Jack screams NO!!! and rushes towards Locke, gun in hand, Locke raises his guns to shoot, but Sayid jumps in front of Jack, he is hit by Locke's bullets and falls to the floor. Locke asks Jack whether he wants to go home. Jack replies yes. "Then it's time for us to go through the looking glass. Right, Naomi?" Naomi rustles. "Desmond, behind me now!" she shouts, Desmond does so. Naomi whips out her fancy GPS thing, and it loses battery as she is calling for a signal. "I got something!" she screams "My ship! It's coursing to the island, a mile in that direction!" "You're lying" says locke, and shoots her too. By now, everyone is keeping their distance of Locke, there is a humming noise suddenly, and a loud explosion from the sky. The humming gets gradually louder until a giant structure, the size of the looking glass crashes, very close to the shore. They all rush to the shore, a confident swimmer coming closer to them all. it's PENNY ! Desmond gasps. "My name is Penny Widmore. Now where is Benjamin Linus? He may be our last hope. and your way off this island." She notices Ben dead on the sand, and collapses. OHNO OHNOOHNO!! SMASHCUT to a man's office, in a skyscraper, it's Widmore. Someone rushes in "Mr Widmore sir, it's you daughter!" "WHAT?!" "Her tower, sir, it fell" "I see, Widmore replies, he turns around, we see Walt, looking quite ill on a sofa. "Well, go then!" He screams to the messenger. "But ensure that Mr Hume does not make it." He turns to Walt "Fancy saving the world, Walt?" Walt nods and immediately rushes out of the room, depsite his obvious ill condition. Widmore spins round to a wall of monitors. They are all showing overhead footage of the beach. He speaks into a mic "now" and Desmond immediately drops to the floor in a fit, spewing blood and foam. cut back to the beach, there is another BOOM, the monster comes flying out of the jungle, taking desmond with it as it flies across out to sea and into the sky, as there is a DEEP LOUD RUMBLE and a MIGHTY EXPLOSION ERUPTS BEHIND THEM, LAVA BURSTING OUT OF THE TALLEST MOUNTAIN. Widmore smiles. BOOM LOST (Dan 5/18/07)
    (uh wow that sounds well thought out...)

  • The "hostiles" were the guinea pigs of the dharma initiative. Richard was part of the life-extension project. That is also how Ethan got his super strength. The purge was a form of revenge. Now they do their own experimentation. (5/11/07 JessDanger)

  • We should see "the Others" begin to splinter and mistrust each other as the Losties have. Juliet apparently really does hate Ben. And it seems Richard Alpert would also be happy to see Ben loose his role of power within "the Others." Or at least that's what he wants Locke to think, maybe that whole "we think you're special, but Ben doesn't" speech was all Ben's doing. In any case, I think we'll start to see the levels/factions of the "Others" and see that some are "good" and others "bad" by the Losties standards. 5-8-'07

  • I think they are in the Garden of Eden. Commonalities and/or explanations: 1) Children cannot be born there. 2) Ben (type of Lucifer) tells Locke that an act of will is required to go with his group, just as partaking of the forbidden fruit was an act of will. This is repeated as major deaths (which is simply leaving the Garden) are preceded by acts that run counter to what would be the predicted -- based on past actions -- decision, act, etc.

  • I think they are all in a computer game. A sort of combination of Total Recall and The Matrix. When Desmond went back home with Penny I think it was a glitch in the computer programme and that is why he keeps predicting what is going to happen. I dont think they are in purgatry as it's too obvious and I saw some ABC interview with the writers and they denied this. Good call about the real sawyer though, definately Locke's dad! I wondered if Jack's dad might be the leader of the others, he wasnt in the coffin when they crashed and Jack saw him in a sort of vision early on, but maybe it wasnt a vision! (Peachangel 5-3-07)

  • I predict that Locke's father, Cooper, is also the conman Sawyer that ruined the lives of James "Sawyer" Ford's parents. Locke will discover this information and convince James to kill Cooper because Locke himself will not have the will to do it. (Smarf, 4-26-07)

  • Other plane/boat will bring more people to the island (Anon; October 9th) Good job-in Catch-22 a woman parachutes from a helicopter.

  • Locke will no longer have the use of his legs and Rose's cancer will come back (Anon; October 9th)

  • Michael comes back after getting Walt to safety. Maybe he and Penn will come together? (Anon; April 1) (Unconfirmed reports say Michael MAY be back for either the season finale of this season or next. Anubis 5/12/07)

  • Kate will choose Jack over Sawyer (lulamae; October 9th) (I like this prediction, although I don't think it will happen. :) Lost24)

  • The mystery behind Smokie will be revealed. (Adam_Bruun; October 10th)

  • Michael and Walt rern as Walt has got some sort of power!(jamesr2223:October 21st) (I hope so. I can't wait to find out how Walt knew about the hatch! CKMN.)

  • Locke will become one of the others, and he will not have forgotten his promise to Ben saying that he would protect him. (anonymous: October 27th)

  • While the Others may have communication with the outside world, they have no way to leave, or else Ben would have jetted off to have his surgery somewhere civilized. (in S3E07 jack asks tom this, tom makes some remark about "when the sky turns purple but is then interrupted (fe8th)"
  • I think that Kelvin is the founder and owner of the Hanso foundation, because when you go to the Hanso foundation website: it looks like Kelvin (the old man Desmond killed accidently) from the previous season. Matt (4-25-07)

  • I think that Kate will have a pregnancy scare with sawyers baby. (5 feb 07, chloe)

  • I think Locke is going to die instead of Charlie. When Eck died, he said Locke was next. Desmond says Charlie is going to die. What I think is this, when Charlie's life is placed in danger, Locke will intervene and get killed. This will show Desmond that the future can be changed. I also, for some reason, think Michael is the father of Sun's baby (25 feb 07, GoldPhoenix) (Just because Locke is killed that doesn't mean Charlie won't be.Marcus Tee 03-04-07) Also, Eko didn't say Locke was next. He said "You're next" as in "All of you are next." (Good call, Locke looks like he might bite the dust this season. We shall see, but in any case, nice job!)

  • It'll turn out that Sun isn't pregnant at all. The Lost Experience made references to "The Widmore Company" putting pregnancy tests that give false positives on "the flight." Sun used a Widmore pregnancy test. So did Juliet's sister, Rachel, who also miraculously became pregnant... allowing Juliet to leave to work for Dharma. Coincidence? (While it's very possible that they have fake tests, we saw Sun's baby. We saw it on the ultrasound screen, while this too could be flawed, I'm going to give Juliet the benefit of the doubt and say that she hadn't had time to tamper with the machine. Anubis 5/2/07)

  • Alex will end up shooting her 'dad' Ben in the finale, or in the next season. She will do it after she gets reunited with her Mother, or to save a lostie that she connects with (maybe Sayid?). (Anon. April 1st)

  • Since Desmond can see into the future, I think he will see some clue as to when everyone will get off the island and who is going to make it (S. April 3)
  • I think Locke's Father, Mr. Cooper, is the leader of "The Others. (mysteriousisland April 9th)

  • Maybe Juliet will go to dig up Ethan's body to send him out to sea like the "Others" did with Colleen and accidentally dig up Niki and Paulo finding them alive

  • I think that Jacks father is Kates step father and they are step brother/sister.(~Swany~ April 11th) (Can't be. Jack's dad is already claire's "father" if you will. Not to mention Kates step dad was blown up in his own house, and her real dad is in the army. Anubis 5/2/07) Actually, Kate blew-up her biological dad. The man in the army is her legal, but not biologicial, dad.

  • I think that Juliet not only has been sent to infiltrate the survivors camp, but also to convince Sun to come back with her to the Others' camp so they can do tests on her and her baby. All the other moms have died (except Claire) and since Sun is pregnant, why not verify the vaccine? (Nsoltysiak-April 12th)

  • Towards the end of the season, Anthony Cooper will fall to his death -- just like he pushed Locke from the window, Locke caused Boone to fall with the beechcraft, and Boone made his nanny fall down the stairs (which he was telling Locke about right as they found the beechcraft). Ten bucks say it will be from a plane or a high cliff.-- DharmaAndWreck april 18th


  • I think that this whole island series is a religious based idea, such as purgatory or something of that nature. The crashed pilot does say that everyone on that flight died. Maybe whoever escapes the "trial" of the island will go to heaven and whoever dies to hell. Im not sure about this but we do know they are all dead from the mysterious pilot. Ryan 4/25 (I don't think they're dead. We know that The Others had communication with the outside world and are a very powerful influence on the media. They could have easily been able to change the news so that no one would look for the Losties and the Others could continue with their "experiments". Anubis 5/2/07)

  • I think that Locke's Dad is the true head of the others. I think he is also Ben's Dad (yes that means that Locke and Ben are brothers or half 'brothers.) He cons people to get money for the others. He is tied up to play more mind games with poor Locke. That is why the smoke monster didn't kill him. jett 4-6-07

  • Locke's dad is the original Sawyer, who conned James Ford's (our Sawyer) parents causing their death. Our Sawyer will recognize him & attempt to kill him only to be stopped by Locke...resulting in a showdown between Locke and our Sawyer. Also, this man may not even be Locke's real dad, he conned Locke forkidney claiming to be his dad, but who says thats true? I think Locke just wanted to believe he found his dad.'07 ( Good call...The man was truly Locke's Dad even though we never find out his real name. And yes the man also is the real Sawyer, except John forces James to kill the real Sawyer.Anubis 5/3/07)

  • I predict that Rosseau(spelling?) is going to kill Ben or Juliet after learning about Alex.

  • GeneMan98: 5/307 An experiment at extending and prolonging life and bringing persons back from the dead, the island is thus transfixed on extending an eternal life. The religious symbolism is aligned to cause the audience to be sidetracked. How do you convince people to stay with the others? By sharing, a chance at "everlasting life." The Doctors on the island have found the answer to conceiving life on the island, which is the next closest step to creating life, and thus the chance to create an extended or even eternal life. Who was born on the island...or who has always been on the island? The price we would pay to extend life, thus the initiative is well funded. There are dangers in this location, early experiments were done with animals, before the needs for humans arose. What has the doctor told Jack, that he has the chance to live forever, or longer than he may ever realize. Early pioneers on the island attempted to control the fields of energy or to focus on the effect of the energies. They need candidates to test...sidetracked by birth, this season will end with Jack announcing that the others are "good" and have intentions at saving them all...oh, the twists shall be long can you float in the ocean without drowning? From May 2007 until January 2008 just make me not come back for more...GeneMan98
i think that Charlie will die AND juliet will end up up being with Sawyer, Hurley and the rest. Locke will join the others . the lady who said that they already found the plane to oceanic flight 815 must have been a setup. Penny will end up on the island somehow. with the cliffhanger of showing penny in series 2, she wil play an important role with season 4. Jack's dad might be the leader of the others because they were saying that people on the island recover. Locke's dad also might be the leader BECAUSE this may mean that ben will become the main leader... Lost genie12.05.07

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