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Jorge,a 10 year old, with a vivid imagination (he thinks he won the lottery) is playing a video game, the object of which is to manipulate a randomized set of characters.
Suddenly (cf. "Jumanji") he finds himself a player in the game (cf. WII) and grows addicted to it, as happens with say, "Dungeons and Dragons" or "MYST."
The game, however, like Jumanji, et al, has a mind of its own and not every decision that Jorge makes plays out as he intends.

Rod Serling would understand, even though he predates video games and WII-type involvement by decades.

Who is Jorge?
- Is he Hugo "Hurley" Reyes? (Jorge Garcia being the actor here)

What is The Game?
- The Island?

How does any of this correlate to LOST?

If Jorge is the "Man Behind the Curtain", how do the flashbacks tie in to his manipulation?

If Jorge's alter-ego within the game is Hurley, why didn't he manipulate the game so he could keep Libby?

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where the hell does jorge come from? this is insane.
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