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The helicopterThe helicopter was first seen by Jack and Kate, as they saw a man parachute out of it. It had suffered electrical problems after an electrical storm hit the helicopter. The rest of the passengers bailed out, but the pilot was able to land it safely. The helicopter sustained little damage, but is very low on fuel. The helicopter's number is N842M.

Because of it's low fuel, only three passengers could go to the freighter on the first trip. Sayid said he will bring Charlotte back from Locke, as long as he can go on. Desmond, who wanted to know why Naomi had a picture of him and Penny, said that he will be on the flight. Sayid rescued Charlotte, allowing him to go on the helicopter. With room for one more, Sayid thought Naomi should go on, so she can be brought home. Before the helicopter took off, Daniel warned Frank to follow the same bearing they took to come to the Island.

The helicopter takes offThe helicopter went through a thunderstorm during its journey to the Freighter. Desmond had "side effects" from this, making him live in two different time periods. The helicopter moved out of the storm, and lowered its altitude. Not long after this, it had arrived on the Kahana.

Later, Frank, along with Keamy and the mercenaries leave the Kahana to the Island. Once they arrived at the Island, the mercenaries invaded the Barracks, killing several people during their mission. They returned to the ship, and soon refueled. Frank did not want to fly them, knowing they will harm the people on the Island, so Keamy kills Ray and Captain Gault, causing Frank to change his mind. After flying over the beach, he threw out a satellite phone, with the tracking feature on so the survivors could locate the helicopter.

Jack and Sawyer located the helicopter, and discovered Frank had been handcuffed to it. They freed him, but the mercenaries soon returned. Kate ran out of the jungle, claiming that the Others were after her. Soon, a battle started between the Others and the mercenaries, with bullets firing in all directions. A few bullets hit the helicopter's fuel tank, causing a leak. Frank agreed to fly Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Hurley, and Aaron off the island, and to the Kahana. Because of the fuel leak, the helicopter would not be able to make it, unless they get rid of excess weight. After everything that was not bolted down to the helicopter was thrown out, Sawyer whispered an inaudible message to Kate, and kissed her. He then jumped out the helicopter, allowing it to travel to the Kahana, with just enough fuel left.

The helicopter crashesUpon arriving to the Kahana, they soon found out that they landed on a bomb. Frank quickly refueled it, and patched up the holes where the fuel was leaking from. They immediately took off, with no hesitation, despite Sun pleading to rescue Jin. Frank, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Aaron, and Desmond watched helplessly as the Kahana exploded. Jack told Frank to return to the Island. Before reaching the Island, the sky turns into a bright color, and the Island disappears. With low fuel, and nowhere to land, the helicopter crashes in the ocean. They all manage to get out, and climb into the life raft Sayid threw out moments before they crashed.

Naomi also came to the Island on a different helicopter. This one crashed into the ocean, but Naomi parachuted out before it crashed.

Desmond had a flash of Claire and Aaron getting into a helicopter, and being rescued, but at the cost of Charlie's life.

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