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The island is a psychic generator, able to alter reality at the slightest whim of its inhabitants. A strong, disciplined mind could make the island a paradise in his image; a madman could make it a living Hell. Aware of the island's power, the Others have chosen(?) a life of strict discipline to create a safe, predictable, boring life, where non-conformity is the greatest sin; the vaccine somehow inhibits their ability to influence the island. Along come the Survivors - drug addicts, madmen/women, a cripple with delusions of grandeur, a child with a chaotic but powerful imagination, and a slew of murders and thugs. Their undisciplined minds threaten the safety of everyone on the island, possibly even the planet. Those that are worthy of 'godhood' must be culled and properly trained, while the rest are dealt with...permanently.

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I really like this theory. I don't really think that it's right, possible, but not likely. But it really feels like a plausible explanation for what's going on. The best example of this is Locke. When he believes in the island everything turns out great for him (to a certain extent), but when he has moments of doubt, the island kicks his ass. And of course nothing would ever end up exactly as someone is thinking because of all the other minds affecting it as well. If this theory were true, it could help explain why the Others were 'testing' Walt. He obviously has strong mental powers, so that probably means he could have greater influence on the island. Again, this is a very attractive theory for me.
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