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Tovard Hanso

Mentioned in Episode<s>:The Constant

Who he/she is: First mate on the Black Rock whowrote a journal. Eventually that journal was sold at an auction to Mr. Widmore. Tovard is a relative of Magnus Hanso, and a distant relative of Alvar Hanso.

Note added March 22! 2010. The auctioneer (in 1996, "The Constant") identified Tovard Hanso as "the seller", obviously not the same person (first mate of the Black Rock) who wrote the circa 1845 journal -- unless he's as ageless as Alpert. Of course he may have an ancestor of the same name.

Hails from: Unknown

Big secrets:

    Theories: Tovard's journal may have a map, or directions to the island.Tovard may be the son of Magnus Hanso.

    Anagram: Hav Not Roads

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