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In essence: The people on the island are all part of a virtual reality. This could be from playing a game, as in eXistenZ, from being in suspended animation, as in Vanilla Sky or Philip K. Dick's novel Ubik, or due to some evil force consigning them there, as in The Matrix.

Flashbacks reveal the backstory of the characters not just to us, but to them as well. Characters with flashbacks are real people in the outside world. The rest of the residents of the Island are non-player characters, controlled by the same thing that is generating the virtual reality.

Support for this theory: In the season two finale, Kelvin tells Desmond that with the turn of the key, everything just goes away. When Desmond turns the key, the island stays right where it is, albeit with a sky that temporarily turns violet, which may be an homge to Vanilla Sky. Perhaps it was a way to leave Virtual Reality temporarily. Same with when Dave tries to convince Hurley to jump off the cliff, which could be another wink at Vanilla Sky.

Poking Holes: If this were a game, it is hard to understand the point of it. There is also something arbitrary about the way that Shannon's death was engineered. Perhaps her real-life persona bounced a check paying for her participation?

What do you think? Have more support for this theory, or are you ready to poke another hole in it?

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MarcusTee Virtual Reality? 3 Feb 3 2009, 6:54 PM EST by Stephany1177
Thread started: Sep 12 2007, 1:00 AM EDT  Watch
Wasn't Terry O'Quinn (Locke) already in "Harsh Realm" A virtual reality based series?
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lostwright finally a theory that makes some sense and would not piss everyone off 0 Aug 18 2007, 7:55 PM EDT by lostwright
Thread started: Aug 18 2007, 7:55 PM EDT  Watch
okay off all the theorys i've read and chatted about here and other places this one is the best thought out and most likely to be the real explaination we will get in about 18 months. i cant wait to see how close y'all were with this one!!!
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Mermaidmarie We'll all be playing the LOST virtual reality game in 2010 0 Aug 12 2007, 8:48 AM EDT by Mermaidmarie
Thread started: Aug 12 2007, 8:48 AM EDT  Watch
I always thought that the plane didn't really crash. That the characters are all "lost" and searching for a better place spiritually. They are all willing players in a futuristic game or volunteers in a virtual reality test lab that aids people in dealing with issues from their past and allows them to design themselves a better psychological future. Did anyone see the New Twilight Zone episode called "Dreams For Sale"? I'm picturing the same type of set up where you can place yourself in an altered state of reality.
The payoff for everyone (the producers, actors, and viewers) would be that once this is revealed in the final episode, the powers that be (ABC/ Disney) will announce that there is an actual virtual reality game we can play ourselves that would allow us to do the same thing. Chances are it will be a new ride at Disney World or a whole new Disney Park dedicated to the betterment of the human mind, body and spirit. Isn't Disney already a visual playground for all of us? Wouldn't it be cool to have the whole island layout in a park with each area being a different virtual reality gaming area?
Hey ABC/Disney, if you haven't thought of this already can you please promote me to being the manager of this new park??? ;O) LOL!
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