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  • Michael's guilt will surely make his conscience a complete fiasco piece.
  • Michael was desperate to prove himself to Walt, by abandoning people who looked after Walt and made him feel happy (for example, Locke) Michael is not playing a winning game.
  • "Ben is a Liar", according to Juliet. Did he really give the correct bearings which would steer the pair away from despair? Or are they eventually going to return in a method similar to Desmond's (possibly excluding alcoholic beverages for Walt, of course).
  • They might find the beloved Penny Widmore and her band of merry men on their way out, and decide to return with them; for further information on this theory see "Michael and Walt return to the island with Penny".
  • It would make an interesting finale to Season 3, but after seeing Par Avion, it's feasible to assume the LOST writers have progressed to a whole new level; this twist would be way too easy, bringing us smoothly onto...


  • Honestly, would you?
  • It's hard to imagine Michael risking the loss of Walt again.
  • With all due respect, the writers would have been struggling to keep this one quiet. And for some reason, the actors/actresses always seem to feel the need to ruin the surprise by indicating they're "off to film in Hawaii for awhile"!
  • While it's easy to believe the blonde, victimised, damsal in distress Juliet over Ben, novels such as Margaret Atwood's "Alias Grace" may teach you that women don't always portray the truth in the way one might feel useful. Or, without being politically correct, they lie just as you and I do, from time to time. So what if Ben is a liar? Everybody on that Island has probably lied at some point!
  • Desmond only lasted a couple days or a week when he tried to escape. and why would THEY (walt and Michael) be able to escape and not desmond? i mean would the others really want to risk the fact of them telling everyone? now we know (because on Naiomie) that people really can get to the island. it is possible.

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