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The island has to definitely be something that keeps it from a regular island as we have realized from the first season. If you have been watching the last two episodes, then you realize the this island can't be for the living. Think about it, if what the girl who crashed in the helicopter said is true, all of them are dead on the island.island. The "survivors" of the crash all died apparently. And John's dad said, although sometimes I don't trust his dad, he was in a crash in the real world and then he was on the island.island. Ben may say he has been on the island all his life, and that may be true, he could have died right at birth in the real world or he could be lying. (which is what I believe.) And that drink Juliet drank before getting on the submarine could have been poison or something. I think the island is like a passing place between heaven and h*** designed by the creators of LOST. And you may be thinking, "If it is how can people die?" Well, I think that you are evaluated on the island ,and by your real life, and then when you die on the island,island, you go either to heaven or h***. What else could the island be?