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Many characters in Lost have killed people either intentionally or by accident. Here is a list of those and who they killed (alphabetical by first name).

Alex Rousseau (Dead)= Slaughtered Ben's white rabbit.

Ana-Lucia Cortez (Dead) = Killed the man who shot her when she was pregnant, which caused her to miscarry. Killed an Other during an attempted kidnapping of the tail section survivors. Impaled Goodwin (an Other) with a large stick. Accidentally shot and killed Shannon.

Ben Linus = Killed Locke. Murdered the entire Dharma Initiative on the island, including his father. His mother died at his birth and his father blamed Ben for her death. Killed Keamy, also making him responsible for the death of everyone on the freighter.

Bernard = Killed up to four "Others" when exploding dynamite as the Others entered a tent.

Boone Carlyle (Dead) = Hasn't killed anyone.

Karl (Dead) = Hasn't killed anyone yet.

Charlie Pace (Dead)= Shot and killed Ethan Rom (an Other).

Claire Littleton = Hasn't killed anyone so far. Responsible for her mother still being in a coma (she could have 'pulled the plug').

Danielle Rousseau (Dead)= Claims to have killed her husband, Robert, as well as the other members of her party.

Desmond Hume = Killed Inman. Also was responsible for a number of deaths after he failed to push "the button" and Flight 815 crashed.

Ethan Rom(Dead) = Killed Scott, tried to kill Charlie by hanging him from a tree (Jack did CPR and brought him back to life).

Goodwin (Dead) = Broke the neck of Nathan, one of the tailies.

Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes = Hurley was involved in an accident where a deck he was standing on collapsed and killed two people. Helped bury alive Nikki and Paulo. In "Through The Looking Glass" Hurley ran over and killed Other Ryan Pryce with a Dharma Mini Van.

Jack Shephard = Finished off Marshall Edward Mars after Sawyer shot him in the chest. Would have let Ben die, but Juliet convinced him not to.

James 'Sawyer' Ford = Murdered an innocent man, wrongly thinking he was the original "Sawyer." Attempted to kill the Marshall to put him out of his misery. Helped bury alive Nikki and Paulo. Shot and killed an Other in Season 2 finale. Killed John Locke's dad Anthony Cooper, who was the original "Sawyer." In "Through The Looking Glass" Sawyer shot Tom, and Other.

Jin Kwon= Shot two others that were shooting at him after he failed to blow up a tent.

John Locke = Responsible for Boone's death? Did NOT kill Mikhail Bakunin (an Other) as previously thought. Brought Sawyer to the Black Rock to kill his Dad, because he, Locke, couldn't. Killed Naomi with a knife in the season 3 finale.

Juliet Burke (Dead)= Shot and killed Danny Pickett (an Other). Couldn't save 9 pregnant women of the Others. Shot one Other from 1974.

Kate Austen = Killed her father, Wayne. Responsible for the death of her childhood sweetheart, Tom, who was killed by the police while Kate was escaping. Also killed her partner that helped her get into the bank so she could get the toy airplane.

Keamy: Shot and killed Alex Rousseau

Leslie Artz- Blew himself up with dynamite at the Black Rock.

Libby (Dead) = Hasn't killed anyone.

Michael Dawson = Shot and killed Ana-Lucia and Libby.

Mikhail Bakunin (Dead)= Killed Miss Klugh. Killed Bonnie and Greta in the Looknig Glass station. Killed Charie Pace in "Through The Looking Glass" and committed suicide in doing so.

Mr. Eko (Dead) = Killed a slew of people back home in Nigeria. He also killed two Others on the first night on the Island.

Nikki (Dead) = Helped Paulo poison Mr. Zuckerman.

Paulo (Dead) = Helped Nikki poison Mr. Zuckerman.

Rose = Hasn't killed anyone.

Sayid Jarrah = Killed his superior officer so that Nadia could escape from custody while he was with the Republican Guard. He also tortured many people. Killed up to four "Others" when exploding dynamite as the Others entered a tent. Also broke one of the other's neck with his legs in the season 3 finale.

Shannon Rutherford (Dead) = Shot John Locke in the head after she blamed him for Boone's death, but did not kill him.

Sun Kwon = Shot and killed Colleen Pickett (an Other).

Walt Lloyd = Hasn't killed anyone.



Juliet will die (more heartbreak for Jack).
Hurley was trying to help people and kept being told he wasn't needed; maybe he will try to hard and will die next instead of Charlie? [Anonymous 5-16-07]
Sayid will get killed by one of the Others, because they think he's "infected". [Ms_Shadeslayer]

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