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In the Island, some fights happen. Here is the history of the fights, and who has beaten whom, without killing. Killing history, individual and group is in separate pages.

Sayid beat up Michael, on the Freighter when he revealed he was working for Ben.

Sawyer beat up Jin, when he jumped him drinking water from the pool/stream after the fire.

Sawyer beat up Boone.

Sayid tortured Sawyer.

Danielle tortured Sayid.

Ethan Rom(Dead) beat up Jack, and hung Charlie.

Jack beat up Ethan.

Hurley beat up Sawyer.

Jin beat up Michael.

Sun slapped Michael.

John Locke Beat up Charlie.

Ana Lucia beat up Sawyer, by pinning him down with her foot on his injured shoulder.

Sayid beat up Ben.

Tom shocked Sawyer.

Ben beat up Sawyer in his cage.

Danny Pickett beat up Sawyer.

Jin beat up Mikhail when Mikhail stole the phone.

Bonnie beat up Charlie.

Juliet beat up Kate when Kate attacked Juliet bringing food.

Kate beat up Juliet and dis-located her shoulder.

Jack beat up Ben.
The tailies beat up Michael, Jin, and Sawyer when they washed ashore on the island after the raft was blown up.
Eko punched Ana-Lucia, but she asked him to.

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