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Do you think you can write Lost better? Do you have ideas for scenes, or theories about what's going on? Is your fanfiction more satisfying than what you're seeing on the television? Go ahead and create a page of your idea or script and link it to this page. Or write a comment below to share your thoughts and theories!

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Scene ideas:

  • Who is Jacob? What is his background story? How did he get to the island, or has he always been on the island? What is up with the cabin?
  • What a shocking ending to the third season finale! Have any ideas about Jack and his flash-forward? Who is in the coffin, and how will/did he end up there? Or maybe write a flash-forward for another character.
  • Have any ideas on what should be on the season four opener? What will happen next in the Looking Glass? What is the temple? What will happen to Ben? Will the survivors get rescued?


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thisstarr what i want to see on lost 2 Jul 27 2008, 3:51 AM EDT by Clancey
Thread started: Sep 25 2007, 4:26 PM EDT  Watch
I want to see the show open with showing how they got off the island! How they got resuse and saved from the Island to rub it in Ben face. I would like it to show where everyone ended up and how there lives changes from living on the to going back home and how it let up to Kate and jack metting up at the airport that night! I would like to see jack find his way back to the island. maybe something like this could happen Jack is at the bar having a drink and then go and checks his flight on the screen and see a flight 815 he rushes to the desk and begs the lady to change his flight and with no luck he doesnt get the ticket. He tells himself he has to get on that flight! he go to the gate and steals some guys ticket from him when he was not looking and gets on the plane! He gets on board and everyone looks the same... in his gut he know okay maybe this is it! turbulance starts and he saids the same words he did on the first flight and BAM it happens just like before....... and the plane go down ......and the story countiunes......
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mcclain future stuff 3 Oct 3 2007, 10:04 AM EDT by aerosmith1
Thread started: Jul 31 2007, 3:58 PM EDT  Watch
Can we please see who the hell Steve is? How about a Cindy flashback? Am I the only person out there who misses Eko, Ana-Lucia, and Libby? And hey, Cindy said that Nathan wasn't on the plane. Perhaps he was in disguise somehow and maybe he planted some kind of explosive device (government conspiracy?). Also, let one of the "rescuers" defect to the survivor camp and try to save the survivors from his superiors. This person should be a hard-ass with a heart of gold, but believes that the island is indeed alive. This person should also be connected to the accident that killed Boone and Shannon's father which facilitated Jack meeting his future wife. Since he is military, he should somehow be connected to Kelvin and Kate's father. Hey, I'm just brainstorming.
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KittySpitz27 Seson four openning 1 Sep 14 2007, 11:42 PM EDT by emedy
Thread started: Sep 12 2007, 4:59 PM EDT  Watch
Okay I want season 3 too end like this but...


"Kate we need to go back!", Yells jack

*Kate drives away*
The next morning Jack gets on a airplane to whereever,
A hour into the flight 'turbulance' starts up and Jack repeatly says
"This is it, This is it!" under his breath
He goes over to the lady next to him
"If you survive this your gonna have such a ride"
She ignores him and asks if she can move
The shaking stop and the plane lands
*Jack Slumps down*
He sighs and heads out to near by bar.
"One scotch please"
The bartender turns around.
It's Charlie.
It go to the title.

I think this would of been good
for the last season because it
would show that Charlie didn't die or it's
just another weird ghost or something ha ha
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