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Do you think you can write Lost better? Do you have ideas for scenes, or theories about what's going on? Is your fanfiction more satisfying than what you're seeing on the television? Go ahead and create a page of your idea or script and link it to this page. Or write a comment below to share your thoughts and theories!

Have some ideas, but can't quite dramatise them? Check out the Show Theories section and add your theory!

Scene ideas:

  • Who is Jacob? What is his background story? How did he get to the island, or has he always been on the island? What is up with the cabin?
  • What a shocking ending to the third season finale! Have any ideas about Jack and his flash-forward? Who is in the coffin, and how will/did he end up there? Or maybe write a flash-forward for another character.
  • Have any ideas on what should be on the season four opener? What will happen next in the Looking Glass? What is the temple? What will happen to Ben? Will the survivors get rescued?